Exploratory Review Of Commonly Cited Ahadith By The Shia – UPDATED

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The Imams after me will be Twelve; the same number as the chiefs of the Bani Isra’il


Inquire about your faith, until they say, “(You are) insane.”


This Son of mine is an Imam


Abu Bakr and Umar are the best of the inhabitants of the Earth and Heavens


Hadith regarding the Prophet salla Llahu `alayhi wa sallam touching ‘Aisha while she was menstruating

‘Abdul Rahman ibn Ziyad al Afriqi

‘Umarah ibn Ghurab al Yahsubi


Inform me when you reach (the verse), “Maintain with care the [obligatory] prayers…”


If you see Muawiyah on my pulpit, then kill him.


Hadith regarding Allah’s descent between the adhan and iqamah on the Day of Jumuah—adorning a cloak


When a brother of yours passes away, scatter dry soil over him.


When anyone of you passes away, do not detain him but take him with haste to his grave


The most merciful of my ummah upon my ummah is Abu Bakr and the most compassionate of my ummah upon my ummah is ‘Umar


The angle of death was sent to Musa and Musa slapped him


 Suckle him and you will become his mahram


Muhassin the son of Sayyidina ‘Ali ibn Abi Talib and Sayyidah Fatimah


My name is in the Qur’an By the sun and its brightness


 My companions! My companions! It will be said: You do not know what they invented after you. Certainly, they remained apostates


 My companions are like the stars, whichever of them you follow you will be guided


I have been bestowed with five qualities in ‘Ali which no Nabi has been given, he fulfils my debt, covers my private parts


The most knowledgeable of my ummah after me is ‘Ali


The Jews split into 71 sects


Kill Na’thal for he has committed kufr 


Judge between me and this sinful, treacherous, deceitful, liar


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