‘Ali is my brother in the world and the Hereafter

Rasulullah salla Llahu ‘alayhi wa sallam taught me 1000 doors; each door opens another 1000 doors
March 4, 2019
 ‘Ali is my root and Jafar is my branch
March 4, 2019

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 ‘Ali is my brother in the world and the Hereafter


علي أخي في الدنيا و الآخرة

‘Ali is my brother in the world and the Hereafter.


The hadith is da’if.[1]

Hafiz al ‘Iraqi announces, “Everything reported regarding ‘Ali’s brotherhood is da’if.”[2]


Jami’ ibn Umair ibn Affaq al Taymi Abu al Aswad al Kufi

  • Ibn Numair says, “He was one of the worst liars. He would say that the crane lays eggs in the sky and her young ones do not fall.”
  • Ibn Hibban narrated it in Kitab al Duafa’ with his isnad and commented, “He was a Rafidi who concocted ahadi”
  • Al Saji says, “He has munkar narrations. There is scepticism about him. He is truthful.”
  • Al ‘Ijli comments, “A Tabi’i. Reliable.”
  • Abu al ‘Arab al Saqli states, “Abu al Hassan is not corroborated in this.”[3]

Hafiz’s verdict remains intact, “He was truthful but blundered and had shia ideologies.”[4]


Hakim ibn Hubayr

  • Al Daraqutni comments, “Hakim ibn Hubayr is the only transmitter from al Nakha’i.”
  • Ahmed ibn Hambal remarks, “Hakim is da’i”
  • Al Sa’di labelled him a kadha[5]
  • Ahmed also said, “Da’i Munkar al Hadith.”
  • Al Bukhari said, “Shu’bah would criticise him.”[6]
  • Al Haythami graded him da’i[7]
  • Ya’qub ibn Sufyan commented, “He was extreme in tashayyu’.”
  • He further states, “It is said about him that he was despised, and among the fanatical Rawafid.”[8]


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