Close all the doors except ‘Ali’s door

Soon there will be a fitnah. Whoever reaches it should hold firmly to two assets, viz. the Book of Allah and ‘Ali
March 4, 2019
Ask ‘Ali ibn Abi Talib about it since he is more knowledgeable than me.
March 4, 2019

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Close all the doors except ‘Ali’s door


سدوا الأبواب كلها إلا باب علي

Close all the doors except ‘Ali’s door.


Another narration reads:

أمرني ربي بسد الأبواب كلها

My Rabb commanded me to shut all the doors …


أما بعد فإني أمرت بسد هذه الأبواب

After praising Allah. Indeed I have been instructed to shut all these doors …


Ibn al Jawzi includes it in al Mawdu’at and al Suyuti in al Laali al Masnu’ah.[1]

Al Khatib al Baghdadi[2] said, “Abu ‘Abdullah al ‘Alawi al Hassani is the sole narrator.”

Al Hakim narrates it in al Mustadrak[3] and classified it sahih. However, al Dhahabi corrected him saying, “‘Awf reported it from Maymun ibn ‘Abdullah.” This is what he said. The correct name is Maymun Abu ‘Abdullah al Basri al Kindi.


Maymun Abu ‘Abdullah al Basri al Kindi

  • Al Bukhari reports that Ishaq quoted from ‘Ali, “Yahya would not narrate from him.”[4]
  • Abu Dawood al Ajurri said, “He is accused (of fabrication).”[5]
  • Al Haythami said, “From Maymun this. Ibn Hibban classified him reliable while a group classified him da’i”

I say: Ibn Hibban’s classification is not definite in this matter since he is mutasahil according to those who are cognisant of the science of hadith.

Hafiz graded it Hassan with the support of all its chains in al Qawl al Musaddad[6] despite him classifying it munkar in al Lisan[7].


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