Looking at the face of ‘Ali is worship

This verse: O Messenger, announce was revealed on the Day of Ghadir Khum
March 11, 2019
What a beautiful bid’ah this is! (‘Umar’s statement)
March 11, 2019

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Looking at the face of ‘Ali is worship


النظر إلى وجه علي عبادة

Looking at the face of ‘Ali is worship


Al Hakim reports it via two chains and classifies both sahih.[1] Al Dhahabi rectifies him saying that both are in fact mawdu’.[2]

Al Suyuti, Mulla ‘Ali Qari, and Ibn al Jawzi declared it mawdu’.[3]

Here is a list of the weak narrators and fabricators who are spreading this batil narration:


  1. Muhammad ibn Ismail al Razi
  • Al Dhahabi says, “He reported a batil narration,” and then listed the above hadith.[4]


  1. Matar ibn Matar ibn Maymun
  • Al Bukhari, Abu Hatim, al Nasa’i said, “Munkar al hadith.”[5]


  1. Harun ibn Hatim al kufi
  • Abu Hatim was asked about him to which he replied, “I seek protection from Allah.”[6]


  1. Yahya ibn ‘Isa al Ramali
  • Ibn Ma’in says, “His hadith should not be recorded.”[7]


  1. Harithah
  • Hafiz sasy, “Harithah is da’if.”[8]
  • Ibn al Jawzi classified him a fabricator.[9]


  1. Al Haythami comments, “‘Imran ibn Khalid al Khuza’i is present therein. He is da’if.”[10]


Hafiz remarks, “It is a batil hadith.”[11] and he labelled it munkar in al Lisan.[12]


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