When a brother of yours passes away, scatter dry soil over him.

Hadith regarding Allah’s descent between the adhan and iqamah on the Day of Jumu’ah—adorning a cloak
November 17, 2017
Shattering the Mirage: A Response to ‘Abdul Hussain Sharaf al Din’s al Muraja’at: Letter 15 and 16
January 26, 2018

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When a brother of yours passes away, scatter dry soil over him.


The hadith continues,

فليقم احدكم عند راسه وليقل يا فلان بن فلانة

One of you should stand by his head and say, “O so and so, the son of such and such a woman.”[1] (Hadith of Talqin)


This hadith was deemed weak by a number of scholars, including:

  • Ibn Salah[2]
  • Al ‘Iraqi[3]
  • Al Nawawi[4]
  • Ibn Taymiyyah[5]
  • Ibn al Qayyim[6]
  • Ibn Muflih[7]
  • Ali ibn Abi Bakr al Haythami says regarding this hadith, “There contains (in this narration) narrators whom I do not recognize.”[8] He says in another place, “There are a group of narrators in this chain of transmission whom I do not recognize.”[9] All of this proves that there exist unknown transmitters in this chain (majahil).
  • Al San’ani[10]
  • Al Albani[11]
  • Al Hafiz ibn Hajar writes, “This hadith has a ‘fair (salih)’ chain of transmission.[12] Notwithstanding that al Athram narrates from Imam Ahmed that he knows no such action from the Sunnah of the Messenger salla Llahu ‘alayhi wa sallam. Al Hafiz ibn Hajar himself has classified this hadith as da’if in some of his books.[13]
  • Ibn ‘Allan has also classified this hadith as da’[14]

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