Whoever dies and does not recognise the imam of his era

Whoever dies harbouring hatred in his heart for ‘Ali, should die a Jew if Allah wishes
March 11, 2019
Whoever dies without a bay’ah around his neck dies a death of ignorance
March 11, 2019

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Whoever dies and does not recognise the imam of his era


من مات و لم يعرف إمام زمانه

Whoever dies and does not recognise the imam of his era.


No hadith with this wording is found.

The scholars of the Shia have declared the non-existence of nass upon the names of their Imams. It is most appropriate that they say that. Otherwise, Zurarah will become deviant since he died and did not recognise the Imam of his time and there are plenty others.

Have a look at al Khu’i’s fatwa:

Question 1422:

The famous hadith narrated from Hisham ibn Salim and the one he narrates is applicable to him and some of his companions. In fact, it is applicable to majority of the Shia after the demise of Imam al Sadiq rahimahu Llah. And how can it be? He was with a large group of the companions of al Sadiq. Then they discussed the successor after him so they entered the presence of ‘Abdullah ibn Jafar where people had gathered. Then it became apparent to them the falsehood of the claim of his Imamah. So they left as deviates not knowing who the imam is … till the end of the narration.

How do we reconcile this narration which shows the unfamiliarity of the senior companions of the Imam after al Sadiq rahimahu Llah and the narrations which list the names of all the Imams from the time of Rasulullah salla Llahu ‘alayhi wa sallam? Is it possible that the companions were all ignorant of these narrations to the extent they had to investigate Imam after Imam?


Al Khu’i answers:

The mutawatir narrations which reached us from the chains of the Ahlus Sunnah and Shia have limited the Imams to twelve from the angle of number. However, they have not listed them by name in sequence, to the extent that doubt in who is the next Imam after the departure of the previous one is possible. In fact, wisdom demands in that era that he remain concealed from the people, and from his companions, to the exclusion of his confidants. This instance has occurred at another juncture than this. And Allah is the Knower![1]


Thereafter we say: The one who remains concealed, his Imamah is one of ignorance. Otherwise should we censure the one who dies without recognising a hidden fellow? He hides from us but it devolves upon us to recognise him? How can we recognise him with the books of the Shia have cursed one who dares knowing his name?

They have said:

و لا يحل لكم تسميته و كذلك ملعون ملعون من سماني في محفل من الناس

It is not permissible for you to take my name. Similarly, accursed and accursed again is the one who names me amidst a gathering of people.


How do we recognise him when he is believed to be Muhammad ibn ‘Abdullah and not Muhammad ibn al Hassan? How do we recognise him when the isnads about him are not sahih?

The Shia have split into numerous factions due to their dispute on every small point regarding al Mahdi.  Is he the son of Susan, or Narjas, or Saqil, or Rayhanah, or Mulaykah, or Khamt, or Maryam bint Zaid al ‘Alawiyyah?

Did Fatimah radiya Llahu ‘anha pass away knowing the Imam of her time?

Who are the ambassadors of al Mahdi? And how do we ascertain their truthfulness regarding the signatures they have which they claim to be al Mahdi’s?


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[1] Sirat al Najat vol. 2 pg. 453.

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