Khomeini Between Extremism And Moderation

Section Three: The Stance of the Tabi’in and Those who Followed them Regarding the Fitnah
May 8, 2020
Khomeini Between Extremism And Moderation – Foreword
May 12, 2020

Many Muslims misconstrued the Khomeini revolution as a glimmer of hope for the Muslim ummah. Further, a great number of Islamic organisations rivalled each other in supporting the Iranian revolution with its leaders preaching the love of Khomeini. This book, in a concise and comprehensive manner, exposes the skeletons in the closet of Khomeini that the Shia try so hard to hide. It also gives one a glimpse into the Iranian revolution and the official stance adopted by the Shia state. This is effectively a primer for lengthier works of this kind.


Khomeini Between Extremism And Moderation

by: Dr ʿAbd Allah Muḥammad Gharīb


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Chapter One

Glimpses into the Iranian revolution and the stance adopted by the Muslims

Our Differences With The Rawafid In The Principle As Well As Secondary Aspects Of Creed

What The Scholars Of Al Jarh Wa Al Ta’dil Have Said Regarding The Rawafid

The Shia Of Today Pose a Greater Danger To Islam Than The Shia Of The Past

Khomeini, The Leader Of The Shia, a Zealot In His Creed


Chapter Two


Khomeini and his academic sources

Khomeini and the Qur’an

Khomeini and the Sahabah

Khomeini deems heretics trustworthy

The stance of Khomeini regarding the Islamic caliphate

Khomeini and the Muslim Judiciaries

Khomeini and the Nawasib

Khomeini and the belief of Tawalli and Tabarri

Khomeini and Imamah

Khomeini and extremism regarding the Imams

Khomeini and acting on behalf of the infallible Imam

Khomeini and the Islamic jihad becoming obsolete

Khomeini and the Jumu’ah prayer

Sacred places and grave sites according to Khomeini

Celebrating the festival of Neyrouz

His fringe jurisprudic verdicts

Did Khomeini retract from his beliefs?

The Iranian constitution