Khomeini And Acting On Behalf Of The Infallible Imam

Khomeini And Extremisms Regarding The Imams
May 12, 2020
Khomeini And The Islamic Jihad Becoming Obsolete
May 12, 2020

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Khomeini And Acting On Behalf Of The Infallible Imam


The infallible Imam that the Shia await, believe his Imamah to be an extension of prophethood and his instruction like the revealed word. Khomeini opines that a Faqih Mujtahid will act as a representative of this fictitious and imaginary Imam in all aspects besides that of jihad. In support of his view he authored his famous book, al Hukumah al Islamiyyah. It was by this view of his that he invented avenues, born out of fairy tales, for the Faqih Mujtahid. This act of his was in fact a shrewd and calculated way to claim the title of the Mahdi. He placed himself in the position of the fabled Imam in order to be on the receiving end of the various merits accorded to the Imam within Shia compilations; merits that would remind one of the pagan Greek Gods. Further there is no difference between Khomeini and the Shia Maraji’ or Ayatollahs. Khomeini states that every Ayatollah is worthy of standing as a proxy of Imam Mahdi. He says:


ان معظم فقهائنا في هذا العصر تتوفر فيهم الخصائص التي تؤهلهم للنيابة عن الامام المعصوم

Most of our contemporary jurists have the attributes that would make them eligible to be a proxy of the infallible Imam.[1]


In the name of representing the occluded Imam they have profited of the sweat of the labourers and the hard work of the working class by imposing upon these Shia followers a levy which they call Khums Ahlul Bayt.[2] They take this under the guise of being proxy to the Imam.

Khomeini states regarding distribution of the Khums:


يقسم الخمس ستة اسهم سهم لله تعالى، وسهم للنبي صلى الله عليه وسلم وسهم للامام عليه السلام وهذه الثلاثة الآن لصاحب الأمر أرواحنا له الفداء وعجل الله فرجه

The Khums is divided into six shares. A share for Allah subhanahu wa ta ‘ala, one for Nabi salla Llahu ‘alayhi wa sallam, and one for the Imam ‘alayh al Salam. These three shares are now directed to Sahib al Amr (The Master of the Authority i.e. the occluded Imam) may I be sacrificed for him and may Allah hasten his return.[3]


In this manner the Ayatollahs managed to dupe millions and take from them their hard earned money in the name of the Khums. Consequently, Shi’ism became the haven for those wishing to destroy Islam and exploit the masses.


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[1] ‘Aqa’id al Imamiyyah, pg. 57.

[2] A Shia is obliged to pay 20% of his annual income to the Imam, represented by the Ayatollahs presentely.

[3] Tahrir al Wasilah, pg. 365.