Chapter Two – Preface

Khomeini, The Leader Of The Shia, a Zealot In His Creed
May 12, 2020
Khomeini And His Academic Sources
May 12, 2020

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Chapter Two

Khomeini Between Extremism And Moderation


  • Khomeini and his academic sources
  • Khomeini and the Qur’an
  • Khomeini and the Sahabah
  • Khomeini deems heretics trustworthy
  • The stance of Khomeini regarding the Islamic caliphate
  • Khomeini and the Muslim Judiciaries
  • Khomeini and the Nawasib
  • Khomeini and the belief of Tawalli and Tabarri
  • Khomeini and Imamah
  • Khomeini and extremism regarding the Imams
  • Khomeini and acting on behalf of the infallible Imam
  • Khomeini and the Islamic jihad becoming obsolete
  • Khomeini and the Jumu’ah prayer
  • Sacred places and grave sites according to Khomeini
  • Celebrating the festival of Neyrouz
  • His fringe jurisprudic verdicts
  • Did Khomeini retract from his beliefs?
  • The Iranian constitution



In these times we find some Muslims defining their stance in relation to Khomeini and his group in the following way: “The modern day Shia movement as represented by its leader Khomeini, is a moderate Islamic movement. They are quite distant from the fringe elements and are averse to extremist Shia ideology. They are raising the flag of Islam and are establishing an Islamic republic. The members of this movement were influenced by contemporary Sunni writings on Islamic movements and Khomeini is the pioneer of this contemporary Islamic movement.”

Due to this and other reasons I found it pertinent to author a detailed study into the writings of Khomeini. So that we may see his true face, amidst the distraction of sentiments that have dominated in a period of voices from various avenues calling for the blind support of Khomeini for accentuating the name of Islam in a world of vicious disbelief.


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