The Narration of Abu Bakr Muhammad ibn `Umar ibn Muhammad ibn Muslim al-Tamimi

The Narration of Abu Bakr Ahmad ibn Ja`far
October 1, 2015
The Isnad of Da`laj ibn Ahmad ibn Da`laj al-Sajzi
October 1, 2015

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The Narration of Abu Bakr Muhammad ibn ‘Umar ibn Muhammad ibn Muslim al Tamimi


He was commonly known as Ibn Ji’abi (d. 355 A.H).

‘Abaqat (vol. 1 pg. 181) states, al Sakhawi mentions the following in Istijla’:


رواه الجعابى من حديث عبدالله بن موسى عن ابيه عن عبدالله بن حسن عن ابيه عن جده عن على رضى الله عنه ان رسولالله صلى الله عليه وسلم قال انى مخلف فيكم ما ان تمسكتم به لن تضلوا كتاب الله عز و جل طرفه بيدالله وطرفه بايديكم وعترتى اهل بيتى ولن يتفرقا حتى يردا عللى الحوض

Al Ji’abi reported from — ‘Abdullah ibn Musa — (his father) Musa — ‘Abdullah ibn Hassan — (his father) Hassan — (his grandfather) Hassan — from ‘Ali radiya Llahu ‘anhu that Rasulullah salla Llahu ‘alayhi wa sallam said:

Indeed  I will leave amongst you that which if you hold onto you will not go astray, the Book of Allah, one end is in your hands and the other end is with Allah, and my ‘itrah, who are family. They will not separate until they meet me at the pond.[1]


The text of ‘Abaqat has been quoted verbatim. Istijla’ of al Sakhawi and Jawahir al Qur’an of al Samhudi is not available to us. Despite searching for them, we could not find any copy. The reason was so to allocate the complete isnad and thereafter comment on its authenticity or unreliability. The author of ‘Abaqat did not mention the entire chain of al Ji’abi. He sufficed on simply quoting from al Sakhawi and al Samhudi. Due to unavailability of these books, it will not be possible to reproduce the isnad here. Hence, we will not be able to comment regarding the authenticity of this narration. If the chain happens to be an authentic one, we will not hesitate to accept it.

Those who had the chance of going through ‘Abaqat will be aware of the fact that the author attributed this narration to many scholars and authors. However, he failed to name the references in full and he also omitted the asanid. He done so despite the fact that the demand of his book (which was written in order to prove that this narration is Mutawatir both by its text as well as its meaning according to the Ahlus Sunnah) was to quote complete and authentic asanid. Presenting incomplete asanid, or asanid which are complete but unauthentic, does not in any way serve the purpose.


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[1]‘Abaqat al Anwar vol. 1 pg. 181

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