The Isnad of Da`laj ibn Ahmad ibn Da`laj al-Sajzi

The Narration of Abu Bakr Muhammad ibn `Umar ibn Muhammad ibn Muslim al-Tamimi
October 1, 2015
Eight Asanid of the Hadith al-Thaqalayn from Ibn `Uqdah
October 1, 2015

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The Isnad of Da’laj ibn Ahmed ibn Da’laj al Sajzi


The scholars are aware that this al Sajzi was a teacher of Daraqutni as well as al Hakim (the author of al Mustadrak). The author of ‘Abaqat quoted a narration of Thaqalayn from him along with an isnad. This narration as well as its isnad is identical to the third narration of al Hakim. The chain runs as follows:


دعلج بن احمد السجزى انبانا محمد بن ايوب ثنا الازرق بن على ثنا حسان بن ابراهيم الكرمانى ثنا محمد بن سلمة بن كهيل عن ابيه عن ابى الطفيل بن واثلة انه سمع زيد بن ارقم رضى الله عنه يقول نزل رسول الله صلى الله عليه و سلم بين مكة والمدينة

Da’laj ibn Ahmed al Sajzi — Muhammad ibn Ayub — al Azraq ibn ‘Ali — Hassan ibn Ibrahim al Kirmani — Muhammad ibn Salamah ibn Kuhayl — (his father) Salamah — Abu al Tufayl ibn Wathilah — that Zaid ibn Arqam said:

Rasulullah salla Llahu ‘alayhi wa sallam descended between Makkah and al Madinah…


The details regarding the isnad will appear under the third narration of al Hakim. It can be viewed there. The crux of it is that Muhammad ibn Salamah appears in this chain which renders it unauthentic. The scholars have commented regarding him in the following words:


كان ضعيفا-ذاهب-واهى الحديث-كان يعد من متشيعى الكوفة

He was da’if — his narrations were inconsistent — he was counted amongst the Shia of Kufah.


These comments can be found in Tabaqat ibn Sa’d, Mizan al I’tidal, Lisan al Mizan of ‘Asqalani as well as other books.

The author of ‘Abaqat al Anwar has quoted this narration on pg. 178 of the first volume. The above-mentioned criticism is sufficient as an answer to the narration. There remains no need to present any other answer. However, a point that is worthy of note is that the isnad and text of the two narrations (this narration and the third narration of al Hakim) are identical. Therefore, it is clear deception and trickery to present them as two different narrations. Unless it is done in order to lengthen the list of sources to intimidate the opposition and add volume to the book.


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