Contradiction Between The Shi’i Ja’fari School And Historical Fact (Jadal al-Madhhab wa al-Tarikh) – (COMPLETE 14-12-2023)

Guardians of the Islamic Legacy: Resolute During the Apostasy
September 28, 2023
September 28, 2023

Fiqh is an integral part of a Muslim’s life as it sets the rules and perimeters by which he carries himself in his daily life, whether it be matters pertaining to worship, social living and business, or even penal law. It is in relation to this that the Shia, particularly the Imami Shia, have adopted a Fiqhi school of thought which they call Jafari Fiqh or the Jafari Mazhab.

In this book, the author Muḥammad Salim al Khidr, unravels the reality of this Jafari Fiqh. Who was Jafar al-Sadiq? Why is this fiqh attributed to him? Is Jafari fiqh really the fiqh of Jafar al Sadiq? He explores all this and more, including its origin and rise to prominence.

The author exposes the contradictions and differences among the senior scholars of the sect regarding this fiqh, which is substantiated from their own literature.

Furthermore, the author investigates the credibility of the narrators of this School, again by furnishing evidences from their own literature.

This is an extremely well-researched and comprehensive book about the reality of Jafari fiqh, which would be extremely beneficial for all, scholars and non-scholars alike.


Contradiction Between The Shi’i Ja’fari School And Historical Fact

(Jadal al-Madhhab wa al-Tarikh)

by: Muhammad Salim al-Khidr


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Essential Difference


Why Jafar al Sadiq?


Jafar al Sadiq and the Four Imams


Formulating the Sunni Stance on the Jafari School


Calls for Taqrib – Contrasting View Point


The Extinct Fiqhi Mazhabs


Factors Leading to Extinction

Factors that led to the extinction of the Jafari School

1. Excessive lies attributed to the Ahlul Bayt

2. Taqiyyah and its impact on the extinction of the Jafari School

3. Abundant infiltration and forgery in the Jafari School

4. Inability to distinguish between authentic and fabricated

5. Destruction of Hadith sources that were compiled during the era of the Imams

6. Deficiency of the structure of the Imami fiqh’s legacy and the scarcity of its tools

7. Problems in applying rules of hadith and narrators on the Shia School’s narrations

 8. Disorder and confusion in the standards of Jarh and Ta’dil (hadith narrator criticism)

9. Problem of revealing the conditions of the senior narrators of the school


UPDATED! The Imami’s First al Usul al Rijaliyyah

UPDATED!  Conclusion



The translation of the book is complete, by the grace of Allah, the pdf. file too has been updated.