The Qu’ran and its alteration

January 7, 2015
The Shi`ah group of Kufah
January 7, 2015

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The Qur’an and its alteration

Any Muslim who has iman on the Qu’ran will never dare to possess any belief which is contrary to the Qu’ran, whereas the beliefs of the Shia religion are in total contradiction with the Qu’ran. Is it possible to believe that the founders of this religion were Muslim? The founder of all the Shia beliefs is either Ibn Saba’ or his followers and others having the same mind set.

The Shia have found themselves in a major dilemma. If they continue to adhere to the Shia religion then they will have to discard the Qu’ran and if they adhere to the Qu’ran then they will have to abandon the Shia religion. It is impossible for a person to be Shia and still have iman on the Qu’ran.

The previous ‘ulama of the Ahlus Sunnah wa l-Jama’ah did not pay much attention to this point. The reason being that the Shia used to conceal their true beliefs and it was impossible to obtain any of their religious books. However, Molana Muhammad ‘Abdul Shakur Lucknowi rahimahu Llah has exposed the reality that the Shia do not have iman on the Qu’ran nor is it possible for them to do so. He has proven this with clear unmistakable proofs taken from the recognised books of the Shia. The Shia themselves have been unable to deny this. Molana rahimahu Llah has challenged them to debate this point on many occasions and the challenge still stands but no Shia has had the courage to take up this challenge.

Even if one has the courage to do so, how will he take up this challenge? If a person has iman on the Qu’ran then the belief of Imamah, which is the very foundation of Shi’asm, will be reduced to ashes. The beliefs of Mut’ah, Taqiyyah, the first three khulafa being kafir and the enemies of Islam, murtad and munafiq will all disappear. Molana Muhammad ‘Abdul Shakur Lucknowi rahimahu Llah has rendered a great service to Islam. At first there was doubt as to whether the Shia were Muslims or not but as their true beliefs regarding the Qu’ran was unveiled, the matter became clear and without a doubt one can conclude that those who hold these beliefs are out of the fold of Islam.

The Shia were not contented by what they found in the Qu’ran, thus they abandoned the Qu’ran and accepted Imamah. It is their belief that the Imam is superior to the Qu’ran. The proof they give for this is that the Qu’ran is silent, unable to speak, whereas the Imam is an “Audible Qu’ran”, thus they abandoned what was silent for that which could speak and this is the summary of the entire discussion.

This was what Ibn Saba’ had intended, that the Muslims no longer have iman on the Qu’ran, or hadith. This will sever any connection they have with Allah and His Rasul salla Llahu ‘alayhi wa sallam and create a mind-set that there is only the Imam. The words of the Imam will take the place of Qu’ran and hadith and become superior to them, thus leading them far from Islam.

We all would have been convinced if the narrations that the Shia ascribe to the Imams were truly their sayings. It has been ascribed to the Imams but it was never said by them. If only the Shia were able to understand the truth. Through Taqiyyah they have caused much turmoil, never hesitating to lie or fabricate narrations. They have gone astray and will always remain astray.

The entire Qu’ran was compiled into Surahs and ayat during the lifetime of Rasulullah salla Llahu ‘alayhi wa sallam. Many of the Sahabah were Huffaz of the Qu’ran and it was impossible for them to have become Huffaz, if the Qu’ran had not been compiled. However, the Shia refer to the present Qu’ran as the Mushaf al ‘Uthmani (the scroll of ‘Uthman radiya Llahu ‘anhu) because Sayyidina ‘Uthman radiya Llahu ‘anhu and the first two khulafa collected it and they do not rely upon them. According to them, the first three khulafa were, Allah forbid, kafir, murtad, munafiq and the enemies of Islam. This makes it clear that the Shia could never have iman on such a Qu’ran. They openly claim that this is not the same Qu’ran which was brought by Jibril ‘alayh al Salam. The actual Qu’ran was secretly compiled by Sayyidina ‘Ali radiya Llahu ‘anhu but when his enemies refused to accept it, he became angry and instead of handing it to his Shia or even practising upon it himself, he hid it in his house.

Can this be the doing of one as pious, devout and Allah-fearing as Sayyidina ‘Ali radiya Llahu ‘anhu, that in anger he concealed the very Qu’ran from the eyes of man, which Allah Ta’ala had revealed for their guidance, mercy and spiritual reformation, such that to this day it is nowhere to be found? Even the Shia have been deprived of it. Who will believe such illogical statements?

The Shia believe that the actual Qu’ran was handed down from one Imam to the next until it reached the twelfth Imam- Al Mahdi. Firstly the existence of this ‘Imam al Mahdi’ is doubtful and even more doubtful is that he, at the age of four, took the actual Qu’ran as well as a few other religious tokens and took refuge in the cave- Surra man Ra’a, where he remains to this day. Now they wait for his arrival. Why does he not come? This secret is a mystery and will remain as such until the Day of Qiyamah.

The Imam has been absent for over thirteen hundred years. He sits in safety along with the Qu’ran, even though the Qu’ran is more needed here then it is with him. In reality there is no Qu’ran present with the Shia and since they had no means to guide them, they have become distanced from Islam. The ‘Absent Imam’ will not arrive nor will he send the actual Qu’ran with anyone.

Many educated and learned individuals write letters to him, which they leave at wells and rivers, asking him to come quickly but they receive no reply. No spring connects these wells or rivers to the cave of Surra man Ra’a as well- Geography proves this. Some other means need to be adopted to reach the cave but then to a reply will only come if there is anyone in the cave. Will any person possessing the smallest amount of intellect ever believe such ideas, except for the Shia of course. The twelfth Imam took refuge in the cave, along with the actual Qu’ran at the age of four, where he has been waiting for thirteen hundred years. He has been waiting for thirteen hundred years for three hundred and thirteen sincere Shia to stand up and come to his aid, then only will he emerge. This means that after thirteen hundred years, even the Imam feels that three hundred and thirteen such Shia do not exist. His grandfather- Sayyidina Hussain radiya Llahu ‘anhu realised this at Karbala, when the Shia of Kufah came out to face him with unsheathed swords and then meted out such brutality that the world has never seen.

These are just excuses. If it were true then the present era is an age of peace and security, with no need for any of the Shia, why does he not emerge now? Besides this, in the fourth and fifth century after hijrah, the Shia have had control over the entire area surrounding the cave Surra man Ra’a for nearly a century. This would have been the perfect opportunity for the Imam to emerge. They must have made all the necessary arrangements to notify the Imam, calling out to the Imam at the foot of the mountain, chanting slogans of “Emerge!” but no reply came. My friends! Whatever may be in the cave, there is no Imam there nor was he ever there. The actual Qu’ran is not there as well nor was it ever there. Sometimes it just boils down to simple logic, which is a great bounty which Allah Ta’ala has bestowed man with. All these incidents prove that no ‘Absent Imam’ exists, so for Allah’s sake abandon this foolishness.

The ‘Absent Imam’ was a child at the time, was unaware that his forefathers had severe complaints regarding the betrayal of the Shia, who never came to their assistance. Sayyidina ‘Ali radiya Llahu ‘anhu complained about them, Sayyidina Hassan radiya Llahu ‘anhu complained about them and Sayyidina Hussain radiya Llahu ‘anhu had the most complaints about them. We appeal to the ‘Absent Imam’; if you truly are in the cave then for your own safety do not emerge because if you do then your life could be at stake. You might not have heard about what had transpired with your grandfather Sayyidina Hussain radiya Llahu ‘anhu. The people of Kufah begged him, through many letters to come to them in Kufah and when he did, their greed for this world drove them to murder him at Karbala. Worldly possession had become their primary pursuit.

A brief summary regarding the reality of Al Mahdi is that every religion of the world is awaiting the guide who will emerge close to the last days. They all hope that he will rectify whatever deviation that has occurred, establish justice and put right the affairs of this world. The Hindus are awaiting Owtar, the Jews and Christians awaiting Al Masih ‘alayh al Salam and the Muslims are awaiting the coming of Al Mahdi, from the progeny of Rasulullah salla Llahu ‘alayhi wa sallam. Many Mahdi’s have been born throughout the world and Punjab is never far behind the rest of the world. The province of Punjab also produced a Mahdi. A universal Mahdi of all religions. He was Mahdi, Masih, Karshan, a nabi and a Mujaddid (referring to Mirza Ghulam Qadiyani- the false prophet). Allah alone knows how many other Mahdi’s are still to come. It does not seem as if this is going to end any time soon. Just a short while ago a statue was erected of the promised Masih in the appearance of Mister J Krishan. At the end of the day who wants to wait until close to Qiyamah for his emergence. However, the Shia have been waiting for thirteen hundred years for his emergence, with their gazes transfixed upon the cave Surra man Ra’a.

The Shia say that Rasulullah salla Llahu ‘alayhi wa sallam has said: “I leave behind for you two important things. If you will cling to it then you will never go astray. (The two things are) The Qu’ran and my Ahlul Bayt. These two will never be separated from each other until they are united with me at the pond of Kauthar (i.e. until the Day of Qiyamah).” This hadith is known as “Hadith al Thaqalayn”. Thaqalayn means two weighty things. Firstly, this hadith is wrong and even if we accept it then too the Shia do not believe in the Qu’ran that Rasulullah salla Llahu ‘alayhi wa sallam left behind, and which has been preserved to this day. They claim that it was altered and in this there is a consensus of all their ‘ulama. Thus, there remains no Qu’ran to save the Shia from deviation. As far as the Ahlul Bayt are concerned, even if we accept that this refers to the twelve Imams, then too we face a problem because this line ended with the demise of the eleventh Imam- Hassan al ‘Askari rahimahu Llah in 260 A.H. This means that at this point in time there is no Imam. The Qu’ran is lost and the Imam is lost. There were only these two items to save one from deviation but none have remained which means that the Ahlul Bayt and the Qu’ran were separated from each other very early in history, whereas if this hadith was true then they should not have ever left each other.

Molana ‘Abdul Shakur Lucknowi rahimahu Llah has went into a lengthy discussion regarding Hadith al Thaqalayn. His final two statements are very profound. He says: “If this hadith is true then the Qu’ran has not been altered nor have the Ahlul Bayt disappeared and if the Qu’ran has been altered and the Ahlul Bayt have disappeared then Hadith al Thaqalayn is false.” What is the Shia reply to this? Even Taqiyyah will not come to their assistance here.

It is a historic fact that the eleventh Imam had no children. Now what will you do? The number of Imams have been fixed at twelve and can be no more and no less. At the same time it is incumbent upon Allah that there always be an Imam, which will make you realise the importance of the Twelfth Imam. He needs to exist and remain until the Day of Qiyamah because he is the last one. Thus, the agents of Ibn Saba’ have devised a most cunning plan which will prove that Imam Hassan al ‘Askari rahimahu Llah had a son. Now if this son were to remain amongst people like a normal human then he would be unable to avoid death and since there is no thirteenth Imam, they decided to make him disappear and leave him such until he decides otherwise before Qiyamah. In this manner the tale was invented that Nargis- a female slave, was married to Imam Hassan al ‘Askari rahimahu Llah in a dream, which caused her to conceive and ultimately Al Mahdi was born. Later at the age of four, out of fear of his enemies, he took the ‘actual Qu’ran’ and the other Mushafs and fled to the cave Surra man Ra’a. To create the Twelfth Imam was not difficult but to keep him alive until the Day of Qiyamah was most difficult indeed, thus the tale of him taking asylum was invented.

The Imam remained in the cave and a few travellers continued to visit him from time to time until one day a comprehensive book- Usul wa Furu’ was prepared and presented before him. The Imam approved of this book and stamped his approval upon it with the words: “This is sufficient for our Shia”. This is the very book which is known as Usul al Kafi and Furu’ al Kafi and is one of the most reliable books to the Shia. It is worth pointing out how easily this book reached the cave and then returned. Nevertheless, after these four travellers the government put an end to this charade forever. Had it not been for the government then people would continue to venture to and fro from the cave and at least the Mushaf would be sent each year on the night of Laylah al Qadr, which would at least pacify the Shia, that even though the Imam has not emerged he continues to guide them.

One thing astonishes me about this entire tale and that is why did the Imam keep the ‘actual Qu’ran’ with him when there was a dire need for it here? It would have been extremely easy to send it with any one of the four travellers.

There is a limit to everything but there is no limit to the lies and deception of the Shia nor is there a limit to the foolishness of their followers, who actually believe these stories.

Returning to the Hadith al Thaqalayn, if clinging firmly to it means obedience and submission then it can be said with certainty this has never been performed by the Shia. They mourned him, even created methods of mourning. They even invented various ways of beating their chests. They made banners and make a huge noise when lifting these banners. They have excelled in the field of music. They have read elegies and turned it into a unique subject. However, they have never ever obeyed the Ahlul Bayt. They have made various customs the objective of din.

There has always been one slight obstacle in submission and that is one has to act upon the laws of din, which is impossible for them to do. Even more difficult is than this is to practice with Islamic beliefs. Ones actions are the best proof of one’s beliefs.

It is very similar to the Christian belief of Atonement, where Nabi ‘Isa ‘alayh al Salam was crucified, all the sins of man were forgiven and there is no need to perform good deeds. Sayyidina Hussain radiya Llahu ‘anhu was martyred, all the sins of the Shia were forgiven and now there is no need to perform good deeds.

Now one’s salvation depends on the fulfilment of two things, continue to mourn and continue cursing. However, the purpose of din is not to perform a few acts because of which you will earn Jannat but rather that a person instil within himself angelic qualities and surrender himself completely to Allah Ta’ala.

Claiming to love the Ahlul Bayt is simple but proving your claim is difficult. It can only be proven through obedience.

Verily those closest to Nabi Ibrahim ‘alayh al Salam (those who can rightfully claim a relationship with him) are the ones who followed him.[1]

Say (O Muhammad salla Llahu ‘alayhi wa sallam): “If you love Allah then follow me (Muhammad salla Llahu ‘alayhi wa sallam), then Allah will love you.”[2]

So whoever will follow me, then he is certainly from me (from amongst the adherents to my religion).[3]

One thing which is beyond the comprehension of any non-Shia is that Sayyidina ‘Ali radiya Llahu ‘anhu made a concerted effort to compile the Qu’ran but because of his enemies refuting it, he deprived his Shia of it, which would mean that they will forever be deprived of it. When the Qu’ran was revealed for the guidance of man, it should have been made public. To say that people did not accept the actual Qu’ran does not make sense at all, when the Muslims were already acquainted with the Qu’ran during the lifetime of Rasulullah salla Llahu ‘alayhi wa sallam. There was not a single Sahabi who did not know the Qu’ran. Many of them were Huffaz of the Qu’ran. All of them would have been able to distinguish between the true and altered Qu’ran. It is ludicrous to believe that they would not have accepted the real Qu’ran. There would have to be an undeniable reason for them doing so. Only a few days had passed since the demise of Rasulullah salla Llahu ‘alayhi wa sallam, their iman was still firmly set in their hearts, so why would they not accept it? Even if we were to say that hypothetically a few would not have accepted it then they would have been cast out of the fold of Islam. However, what kind of senseless reasoning would compel Sayyidina ‘Ali radiya Llahu ‘anhu to deprive the entire Muslim Ummah of the Qu’ran. It was the duty of Sayyidina ‘Ali radiya Llahu ‘anhu in this case to then present the actual Qu’ran before the entire Ummah and endeavour to propagate it, regardless if they accept it or not.

All believe that Sayyidina ‘Ali radiya Llahu ‘anhu feared no one. He was extremely brave. The Shia believe that on once Sayyidina ‘Ali radiya Llahu ‘anhu severed the wings of an angel stronger and closer to Allah than Jibril ‘alayh al Salam. He did not fear death as (according to the Shia) death was his decision.

Sayyidina Abu Bakr radiya Llahu ‘anhu waged Jihad upon those who refused to pay their zakat, altering the Qu’ran is far worse than that, so why did Sayyidina ‘Ali not wage Jihad against those who perpetrated this? There is no reply for this nor can there be. It is situations like this that assistance is sought from Taqiyyah.

The first point worth pondering over is that Sayyidina ‘Ali radiya Llahu ‘anhu himself never practiced upon the ‘Actual Qu’ran’, even though he had iman on it. Such a great Imam, one who possessed such perfect iman, abandoned the ‘Actual Qu’ran’ and instead adhered to the Qu’ran he did not have iman in and which was compiled by his enemies. Even more astonishing is that this remained his practice during his caliphate as well. Only Shia can believe in such absurdities. The mind-set of a Shia is something unique. Whoever has attained it has attained something unique, which is only shared amongst other Shia.

There should definitely be a means of differentiating between truth and falsehood. One should gauge whether a thing conforms to reality or not? If it does not then one should immediately know that it is not the truth. One should also ponder whether it is possible or not? If its occurrence is against logic then it should be discarded. When we examine this behaviour of Sayyidina ‘Ali radiya Llahu ‘anhu, that he did not present the ‘Actual Qu’ran’ before the people, he even deprived his beloved Shia, never practised upon it himself and the whereabouts of this Qu’ran cannot be established then we are forced to conclude that no such Qu’ran ever existed. The ‘Actual Qu’ran’ is that which is present amongst us in every home and upon which Sayyidina ‘Ali radiya Llahu ‘anhu always practised. Everything else is a fairy-tale. No religion in this world is founded on fairy-tales. If there is then it is only the Shia religion.

Christian researchers, just as researchers of other religions, all agree that the present Qu’ran is preserved in the same way that Rasulullah salla Llahu ‘alayhi wa sallam left it. Those who are against Islam have also stated that there is no other book in this world which has remained authentic after fourteen hundred years.

However, the Shia state that this is not the same Qu’ran. Its words, letters and order have been altered and changed, and many verses and Surahs have been removed from it. The ‘Actual Qu’ran’ contains seventeen thousand verses (17000) and the present Qu’ran only contains six thousand six hundred and thirty six (6636). This means that more than half of the Qu’ran is missing and then too many verses which were not revealed by Allah Ta’ala have been added.

The Shia have over two thousand narrations which state that the Qu’ran has been altered, which is a weighty proof for the importance of this belief. There is no law or act in the Shia religion wherein there does not exist a difference of opinion amongst the Imams except regarding the alteration of the Qu’ran. No narration has been reported from the Imams or their students which contradicts this. There is no need to travel far, Dildar ‘Ali, as well as Hamid Hussain- who was a notorious Shia Mujtahid, are both of the opinion that the Qu’ran has been altered. (refer to Istiqsa’ al Afham)

Now it needs to be determined who removed or added these verses and why did he do it. What did these verses contain and what is the proof that it was removed or added to the Qu’ran.

The Shia reply that those who compiled the Qu’ran made these alterations and they were none other than the first three khulafa. The reason for removing these verses was that they proved the belief of Imamah. It conferred the rights to Sayyidina ‘Ali radiya Llahu ‘anhu which were unlawfully usurped from him. It also clearly mentioned the names of Sayyidina ‘Ali radiya Llahu ‘anhu and the other Imams. These were all completely removed to deceive the Ummah and so that those verses could be included which establish their pillars of kufr and supports their deviant religion. When you ask them to elaborate about these verses then they give no reply and instead remain silent. Please inform us whether a Muslim should have faith in the word of Allah, where he promises to protect the Qu’ran, or in your baseless accusations. Allah Ta’ala says:

Without doubt only We have revealed the Reminder (the Qu’ran) and (by various means) We shall certainly be its protectors (ensuring that it remains unchanged throughout time).[4]

Allah Ta’ala completed the din of Islam and its foundation is the Qu’ran. If the Qu’ran were to be altered, be filed with uncertainty, or go missing then whatever Allah Ta’ala has done to preserve din will have been futile.

The final question that remains is that what proof is there that verses have been removed or added? This is a difficult question. The weightiest proof that the Shia could possibly have for this is the narration of Sayyidina ‘Ali radiya Llahu ‘anhu: “The necessity for Taqiyyah is such that I cannot give the names of those people who altered the Qu’ran, or inform you what they have added into it nor what they had removed.” This concludes their argument. Taqiyyah has proved to be an incredible proof which has the ability to even prove falsehood.

The basis of this entire allegation is this testimony from Sayyidina ‘Ali radiya Llahu ‘anhu, which is rendered hollow by his actions. There is no other proof for this and in the end the truth is revealed. When truth and falsehood clash then falsehood always remains defeated. Just bear in mind that amongst the many other false narrations ascribed to Sayyidina ‘Ali radiya Llahu ‘anhu, this is also one of them. Sayyidina ‘Ali radiya Llahu ‘anhu has never claimed that the Qu’ran has been altered but rather the Shia of Kufah fabricated ahadith to support their fabricated beliefs. The educated amongst the Shia should ponder over these points and abandon their conformity to this religion.

There is only one method of proving that the Qu’ran was altered and that is by bringing the ‘Actual Qu’ran’. The Shia believe that Sayyidina ‘Ali radiya Llahu ‘anhu compiled the ‘Actual Qu’ran’ but they do not have this Qu’ran in their possession. What does one do now? This is an extremely intricate matter that they do not have the Qu’ran, yet they claim to be mu’min. This means that they believe in the ‘Unseen Qu’ran’ and iman on the ‘Unseen’ is the highest level of iman, but out of necessity they are forced to recite the present Qu’ran even though they do not believe or practice upon it. If they bring iman on the Qu’ran and practice upon it then their core beliefs will be destroyed. They will then be forced to believe that the khulafa al Rashidin and the Sahabah were true mu’minin, destined for Jannat and the rightful khulafa. The beliefs of Imamah, Tabarra, Mut’ah, Taqiyyah, etc, will become baseless. The foundations of Shi’asm will be demolished but the truth is they will never abandon the din of their forefathers.

It is this same reverence for the religion of one’s forefathers which led the kuffar of Makkah into rejecting the din of Rasulullah salla Llahu ‘alayhi wa sallam. In essence, this is why the Shia cannot bring iman in the present Qu’ran.

This is the true reason why the Shia do not revere the present Qu’ran and mock it in the same manner as the Jews would do. Their first Imam- Sayyidina ‘Ali radiya Llahu ‘anhu replied to all the objections that one infidel made on the Qu’ran by saying that it was altered by the munafiqin, who compiled it according to their own desires, including what they desired and removing what they did not. These are all false allegations against Sayyidina ‘Ali radiya Llahu ‘anhu and were invented by the Shia of Kufah and taught to the rest. It is obvious that if there first Imam had this to say about the Qu’ran then what reverence will it have in their hearts. This is why the Shia sometimes refer to the Book of Allah with such utter disrespect.

Shia scholar- Mirza Ahmed ‘Ali has said that the Qu’ran contains errors in nahw (grammar) and sarf (morphology). He then goes on to say: “If the Qu’ran is called a miracle because of its errors and unused proverbs then I too can write such a book.” He concludes by saying: “This book is the compilation of a few ignorant Arabs. One is bound to have criticism for it.”

This makes it clear that they do not have iman on the Qu’ran, which is why they have no respect for it. The condition of the heart is determined by one’s actions and speech. Compare the disrespect of the Shia to the honesty of a few Christian professors. Hirschfield has written: “One can say with certainty that there is no other book that can equal the eloquence, articulacy and prose of the Qu’ran.” Another western historian states: “The Qu’ran is a definite miracle.” However, the criticism of Mirza is nothing new, the kuffar of Makkah used to say:

وَ اِذَا تُتْلٰی عَلَیْہِمْ اٰیٰتُنَا قَالُوْا قَدْ سَمِعْنَا لَوْ نَشَآءُ لَقُلْنَا مِثْلَ هٰذَاۤ

When Our verses (of the Qu’ran) are recited to them (the kuffar), they say: “We have heard! We could say the same things if we wished to.”[5]

I have another question for the Shia. Do you possess any book which was revealed by Allah? If you do then please inform us what and where it is? They will be force to say that they do not have one at this moment as the ‘Actual Qu’ran’ is with our ‘Absent Imam’, whom we have not seen for the past thirteen hundred years. They remain hopeful that the Imam will emerge soon and bring the ‘Actual Qu’ran’ with him. The Shia are forced to give this answer. If it is said to them that there is no Imam in that cave and him bringing the ‘Actual Qu’ran’ seems farfetched then they are left astounded with no possible reply. There is nothing good about you not having iman on the authenticity of the Qu’ran, believing it to be altered and disrespecting it. These disrespectful comments are in actual fact directed to Allah Ta’ala and the outcome of such comments is awful. The Qu’ran is a Book of Guidance and mercy for those who believe:

هُدًی وَّ رَحْمَۃً لِّقَوْمٍ یُّؤْمِنُوْنَ

(The Qu’ran is) A guidance and Mercy for those who believe.[6]

وَنُنَزِّلُ مِنَ الْقُرْاٰنِ مَا هُوَ شِفَآءٌ وَّ رَحْمَۃٌ لِّلْمُؤْمِنِیْنَ ۙ وَ لَا یُزِیْدُ الظّٰلِمِیْنَ اِلَّا خَسَارًا

We have revealed such a Qu’ran that is a cure (from physical and spiritual diseases) and mercy for the Mu’minin. (However) It only increases the loss of the oppressors.[7]

One thing can be beneficial for some and at the same time harmful for others. The fault is not of that item but of the person. Allah Ta’ala is independent and self-reliant; whoever wishes to bring iman in the Qu’ran should do so and whoever does not wish to then he should not, but remember the outcome of those who deny it will be dreadful. You have abandoned the Qu’ran and have fallen into a pit of despair.

The foundation of the Shia religion has been built on unstable ground on the edge of a precipice. Its walls and roof have many holes and numerous cracks. Its beliefs are such that it is in direct contradiction with the Qu’ran and the hadith of Rasulullah salla Llahu ‘alayhi wa sallam. It is filled with fabricated narrations and fairy-tales, which were invented whenever a need arose. However, thousands still choose to follow this religion.

One can only feel sorry for the followers of this religion that they are unable to understand or they refuse to understand. They continue to adhere to this religion in blind conformity to their forefathers. They cling to the words of their Mujtahidin, which they give more importance to than the Qu’ran and blessed hadith of Rasulullah salla Llahu ‘alayhi wa sallam. Just as the Jews they have taken the opinions of their Mujtahidin to be the declarations of Allah. Despite the beliefs of their followers being false, it is fixed firmly in their hearts.

You have heard the incident, which took place during the caliphate of Sayyidina ‘Ali radiya Llahu ‘anhu, with the people of Zat. Seventy followers of Ibn Saba’, who believed that Sayyidina ‘Ali radiya Llahu ‘anhu was Allah, were burnt alive on the order of Sayyidina ‘Ali radiya Llahu ‘anhu because of their refusal to repent from this false belief. They remained firm on this false belief until their final moments. The one whom they believed to be Allah, himself told them that their belief was false yet they still did not believe. The teachings of Ibn Saba’ were engraved in their hearts and the spell of Ibn Saba’ worked like a charm.

There is no doubt that their belief was false and that they were astray yet they adhered to it until their final moments. In a similar manner, thousands adhere to the Shia belief, who never attempted to search for the truth nor do they have the mental capacity to do so. They hold onto it firmly, believing it to be the truth. Do you not feel sorry for them? If they were to just read through Nahj al Balaghah and Al Kafi thoroughly, their eyes will open. These two books have sufficient material to remove the veils from one’s eyes and expose the filthy, demeaning and baseless beliefs of the Shia religion. This is only possible if one reads between the lines with an open mind. Those who have the mental capacity to ponder over these matters, which includes their ‘ulama, but still adhere to this religion is a separate matter altogether. They are easily capable of understanding the intricacies and solving the difficult aspects of religion but still they do not abandon this belief. What is the reason for this?

It seems that it is extremely difficult for them to come before their followers, after discovering the truth, and inform them that they were on the wrong path and they now repent for the error of their ways. It is not easy for any person to confess to his crimes? This leads to disgrace. It is not easy to admit to one’s ignorance and deviation. One has to possess a heart of a lion and unimaginable firmness of resolve, which is found in very few. Even if there are such people they remain hidden under the cloak of Taqiyyah. Besides this, there are a thousand other reasons which prevent them from accepting the truth such as friends, family, students teachers, followers, disciples, etc. How does one just turn his back on all of them? Family relations will break, the bond between ones children will be severed, the thousands in earnings which they receive through khums will come to an end, people will speak ill of them behind their backs, some will even say it to their faces: “Were you the only expert in this field? Your father and grandfather who possessed more intellect than you remained firm on this religion until their last moments.” Nevertheless, this and other degrading matters keep a Shia firm on his religion and prevents him from accepting the truth. The reason why they do not achieve this firmness of resolve is that the majority of them lack sincerity. Either sincerity never existed or Taqiyyah snatched the sincerity from him, leaving fear of being disgraced and humiliated as well as losing one’s position and honour before one’s eyes. This is the fear of the lovers of this world. The pleasures and deceptions of this world never allow a person’s heart to incline to the truth.

A person is naturally inclined to search for the means that will lead to his success in the akhirah. Religion is regarded as the means of attaining that success. A false religion can never be a means of success, so if a person intentionally adheres to a false religion then what can be done. Bear in mind the mind-set of the Jews, as mentioned in the Qu’ran, that they knew Rasulullah Muhammad salla Llahu ‘alayhi wa sallam was the last and true nabi of Allah, just as one knows that his son is his own yet they refused to bring iman. No person wishes to be deceived intentionally but when in love, a person will accept all the lies that his beloved will say to him. This is the state of the Shia ‘ulama, who willingly refuse to leave the deception of their religion.

One thing I do understand and you can ponder over it as well, is that a well-educated Shia graduate, with many degrees to his name, who deliberates and decides matters with great speed and accuracy, completely refuses to deliberate over the realities of the Shia faith when requested to. Instead he will accept all the fabricated, unbelievable and implausible fairy-tales, which are not only illogical but unnatural, and never question it. This is in sharp contrast to a Hindu graduate who never hesitates to research his religion and is more than ready to refute what is illogical.

Is it that the Shia children are indoctrinated from a young age such that he never questions any aspect of the Shia faith and any capability of researching his religion is snatched from him? The mind of that child who has been taught from a young age that good is evil and evil is good is most certainly going to be impaired. Leave everything aside for now and just try to understand two things. His parents and teachers explain to him that Taqiyyah, i.e. speaking lies, is a reward and speaking the truth is a sin and that Mut’ah, i.e. fornication, is a great act of worship, so imagine how depraved will his character actually become. Especially since his entire environment comprises of such people. His elders act the same and his religious guides supplicate for everyone to be like that.

However, it is still a fact that even the polytheists, Jews, Christians and Zoroastrians regard it as a sin to teach such horrible and despicable manners to their children.

One person has mentioned that an educated Shia youth from Fatahpur was against the belief of Tabarra and regarded it as a major cause of trouble in Islam. He went to a revered Shia Mujtahid residing in Lucknow. The same Lucknow, which is the headquarters of the Shia. This was the time when fighting was taking place between the Shia and Ahlus Sunnah in Fatahpur. He said to the Mujtahid: “I find only one narration for the permissibility of the belief of Tabarra and that too is weak. Is there any other narration?” The Mujtahid replied that was no other. The youth replied: “Then should we not put an end to this belief of evil act of Tabarra, which is a cause of major conflict between the Shia and Sunni? Is it not your duty to put an end to this?” The Mujtahid whispered in his ear: “Then the Shia will no longer remain Shia.”

This poor youth was distraught and returned silently back to Fatahpur.

You were probably thinking that the Shia religion was just a religion wherein the Imam is in exile and wherein there is no real regard for Allah and His Rasul, whereas now you have discovered that it runs much deeper than that. My friends! Be grateful for your beliefs, Qiblah and Ka’bah.


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