Ahlul Bayt between the two Schools

This book examines the linguistic meaning and terminology behind Ahl al-Bayt, as well as the relationship of each respective sect with the Ahl al-Bayt themselves. This is an imperative study and a must read for those who are interested in Sunni-Shia dialogue, since much of the our differences revolve around the meaning of Ahl al-Bayt.



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Chapter One: (Ahlul Bayt and their rights)

Who are Ahlul Bayt?

Meaning of (Aal) and (Ahl) in Arabic Language

Al ‘Itrah

Al qarabah and al ‘ashirah (kinsfolk and kindred)

Did Allah, the Almighty make the action of loving Ahlul Bayt a reward for the Message?

Ahlul Bayt between honour and individuality

The particularity of the people of (cloak) al kisa’ and the wives

Loving Ahlul Bayt – its manifestation and ways to it

  1. Mentioning their virtues, morals and their Islamic rights
  2. The prayer upon Ahlul Bayt in the Ibrahimi prayer
  3. Their declaration on the obligation to love Ahlul Bayt along with knowing their rights without extremism or negligence:
  4. Their concern of the lineage of Ahlul Bayt and harshness towards those who claim to be of Ahlul Bayt

Their noble characteristics

  1. Allah, the Almighty has honoured them by praying on them following the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) in the prayer and other than that.
  2. Every lineage is cut off except theirs
  3. The Zakat is made unlawful for them while they deserve the one fifth

The honouring of the companions and those who trace their ways to Ahlul Bayt


The religion is given preference over lineage

  1. A righteous believer upon the correct creed (‘aqeeda).
  2. He has to be following the authentic prophetic Sunnah.

The companionship of the Prophet is given preference over lineage

Establishing the lineage of Ahlul Bayt

It is erroneous to be related to one who had no offspring


Chapter Two: (Ahlul Bayt and the ghulah (exaggerators) face to face)

The definition of the ghuluw

The ghuluw in the religion is a dangerous situation

The ghuluw is stupidity and lack of enlightenment

Ahlul Bayt against the ghuluw and false sanctification

Those that are cursed by Allah and cursed by Ahlul Bayt

  1. Those who ascribe to the Imams of Ahlul Bayt the –tafwid even by adding the expression (with the Permission of Allah)!
  2. Those who ascribe to the Imam of Ahlul Bayt inerrancy and that they forget not:
  3. Those who ascribe the knowledge of the unseen to Ahlul Bayt!
  4. Those who ascribe to Ahlul Bayt prophecy and prefer them over the Prophets!
  5. Those who ascribe to Ahlul Bayt that they can benefit and harm them!
  6. Those who ascribe to Ahlul Bayt the hiding one of their Imam for the need of people.
  7. Those who ascribe to Ahlul Bayt the delaying of the Maghrib prayer from its prescribed time!

How do the Twelver scholars view the twelve Imams among Ahlul Bayt?

  1. Ayatollah al ‘Uzma al Khomeini:
  2. Ayatollah al ‘Uzma al Khoei:
  3. Ayatollah al ‘Uzma Jawad al Tibrizi
  4. Ayatollah al ‘Uzma Muhammad ibn Mahdi al Hussaini al Shirazi
  5. Ayatollah al ‘Uzma Muhammad Muhammad Sadiq al Sadr
  6. Ayatollah al ‘Uzma Wahid Khurasani
  7. Ayatollah al ‘Uzma Mirza Hasan al Ha’iri al Ihqafi
  8. Ayatollah al ‘Uzma Mirza ‘Abd al Rasul al Ha’iri al Ihqaqi
  9. Ayatollah al ‘Uzma Muhammad al Hussaini al Shahrudi

Chapter Three: (Ahlul Bayt and the companions)

Ahlul Bayt and how they respected the companions

The insulting of the companions is an act of disbelief according to Ahlul Bayt


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