The Ninth Allegation

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January 19, 2016
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January 19, 2016

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The Ninth Allegation


The Allegation of Muawiyah Killing al Ashtar Malik Ibn al Harith al Nakha’i


This is from the fabrications that have been conjured up regarding Muawiyah radiya Llahu ‘anhu and how many they are! It appears in the Tabaqat of Ibn Sa’d (6/213):


Al Ashtar was from the companions of ‘Ali and he witnessed al Jamal, Siffin and all the expeditions with him. He was appointed by ‘Ali over Egypt. When he passed by al ‘Arish enroute to Egypt he had some honey and died.


Al Dhahabi states in al Siyar (4/34):


After ‘Ali returned from Siffin, he prepared al Ashtar as the governor over Egypt. However he passed away before he could reach on account of being poisoned. It has been said that a slave that belonged to ‘Uthman was behind it, and poisoned his honey.


Ibn Hajar mentions in al Isabah (6/162):


He narrated from ‘Umar, Khalid ibn al Walid, Abu Dharr and ‘Ali. He accompanied him and participated in al Jamal and Siffin and he was very prominent in these expeditions. He was appointed to govern over Egypt after the dismissal of Qais ibn ‘Ubadah. When he reached al Qalzam he had a sip of honey and died soon after. It was said that it had been poisoned. This occurred in the year 38 A.H.


There is absolutely no mention of Muawiyah radiya Llahu ‘anhu in any of this. Al Tabari narrates a report in his Tarikh (3/127):


… so Muawiyah sent for al Jabistar — who was a person who paid Kharaj (land tax on non-Muslims) — and said to him, “indeed al Ashtar has been given Egypt to govern. If you suffice me of him I will exempt you of Kharaj as long as I live. So use whatever ploy you have at your disposal.” So al Jabistar left until he came to al Qalzam and he settled there for a while. When al Ashtar departed from Iraq toward Egypt he passed by al Qalzam and was met by al Jabistar who said, “here is a place to rest, here is food, and fodder for your animals,” so the chieftain brought food for him and fodder for the animals. After his meals he brought him a drink sweetened with honey which he had poisoned and offered it to him to drink which he did, and died as a result of it.


I say: this narration is from the narrations of Abu Mikhnaf Lut ibn Yahya, the confounded fabricator of history. His situation as a narrator has been previously dealt with. Therefore Ibn ‘Asakir quotes this narration in the passive voice indicating its unreliability.[1]


Al Baladhuri has mentioned this incident in Ansab al Ashraf (3/168) without any chain and in it appears:


The news of his death reached Muawiyah… and he said: “Indeed Allah has soldiers in honey as well.”


He then mentions a similar story with a similar narrative by way of Wahb ibn Jarir — from Ibn Ja’dabah — from Salih ibn Kaysan and in it appears:


When he reached ‘Ayn al Shams he drank a drink [sweetened] by honey — which is said to have been poisoned — and ‘Amr ibn al ‘As commented: “Indeed Allah has soldiers in honey.”


Again, there is no mention of Muawiyah radiya Llahu ‘anhu.


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[1]Tarikh Dimashq (49/428) (56/375) (56/388) (56/389) (56/391) and there is no mention of Muawiyah.

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