O Shia of the World Wake Up! – NEW UPLOAD!!!

5. Destruction of Hadith sources that were compiled during the era of the Imams
October 16, 2023
October 19, 2023

The Republic of Iran depicts itself as the mainstream Shia of the world, boast of them following the Fiqh of Imam al Sadiq rahimahu Llah, and claim themselves as defenders and promoters of true Shi’ism. Musa al Musawi, a Reformist Shi’i, highlights their falsehood in their claims, their discrimination towards Shia of other areas, the innovations they introduced into Jafari Fiqh, and the numerous atrocities they commit in and outside Iran against both Shia and non-Shia. He draws up a list of steps towards Shi’i Reformation to which he invites the Shia, urging them to resist oppression and rise up in actively shunning innovations.


O Shia of the World Wake Up!

by: Musa al Musawi


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Why have we, the Shia Imamiyyah, bounded ourselves to follow the Jurists in every aspect of our lives?


Why have the Jurists placed enslavement and servitude over us?


Why have some Shia attached themselves to the Religious Authority yet not shown concern for the suffering of the Shia of Iran?


Why is the Shia Religious Authority of Iran harsher on the Shia of other nationalities?


Why are the Major Colonial Powers assisting the Shia Religious Authority?


Why do some countries in the region which suffer from the terrorism of the Ruling Religious Authority over the Shia in Iran not stand with the Reformation Movement?


Why is the Shia Opposition unable to overthrow the Shia Religious Authority?


Is there any Solution to Deliver the Shia from their Distress besides the Reformation Movement?


Obstacles and Expectations


What is the Solution?


Reformation Steps


Characteristics of the Reformation