Names of a few scholars from the progeny of Hassan al Muthanna

Demise of Hassan al Muthanna
August 2, 2019
Sayyidina ‘Abdullah al Mahd ibn Hassan al Muthanna – Name and lineage  
August 2, 2019

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Names of a few scholars from the progeny of Hassan al Muthanna


From His Progeny

  • The Kings of Ghana from Sudan; the progeny of Salih ibn Musa ibn ‘Abdullah al Saqi.
  • The progeny of Numayy ibn Sa’d ibn Qatadah, Kings of Makkah, may Allah bless its sanctity.


From His Descendants

The result when nobility courses through your veins:

ابى منبت العيدان ان يتغيرا

ارى كل عود نابتا في ارومة

I see every branch that sprouts in a tree, refuses to change its essence.


Another poet says:

كالرمح أنبوب على أنبوب

شرف تتابع كابرا عن كابر

لنجيب قوم ليس بابن نجيب

وارى النجابة لا يكون تمامها

Nobility passed down generation to generation, like a branch which grows on another branch.

And I see nobility does not materialise to perfection in the noble of a nation, if he himself is not the son of a noble.  


This noble Imam had exemplary sons whose biographies illuminate the pages of history. We will make mention of a few of them here, a reminder to those who already know and a lesson for those who do not.

  • Muhammad ibn Jafar ibn Muhammad ibn Jafar ibn Hassan ibn Jafar ibn Hassan al Muthanna, Abu Hassan al ‘Alawi known as Ibn Qirat who was the leader of the Talibiyin[1] in Baghdad.
  • Al Sharif al Idrisi, the author of the book, Nuzhat al Mushtaq fi Ikhtiraq al Afaq, a famous book in the science of geography.
  • The Salihiyun, Kings of Ghana.
  • ‘Ali ibn Hamud ibn Maymun ibn Ahmed al Idrisi, king of Cordoba.
  • Muhammad ibn Ismail ibn Qasim ibn Ibrahim ibn Ismail ibn Ibrahim ibn Hassan al Muthanna, Abu ‘Abdullah al Madani who passed away in Egypt and commonly known as Ibn Tabataba al ‘Alawi. He was held in esteem by the ruling class and commonality.

His grandfather, Ibrahim, was called Tabataba because his mother would make him dance when he was little and would say to him Tabataba. It has been said that the reason for this name was that Ibrahim would pronounce the letter Ta similar to a Qaf, and once when asking to wear a Qaba’[2] he was told that they would put on a Farajiyyah[3] for him. In protest he began yelling, “No! Taba Taba!” referring to the Qaba’ robe.

  • ‘Ali ibn Hussain ibn Hassan ibn ‘Ali ibn Hassan ibn ‘Ali ibn Muhammad ibn Hassan ibn Muhammad ibn Hassan ibn Muhammad ibn ‘Abdullah ibn ‘Abdullah ibn Hassan al Muthanna (b. 401 A.H).

An esteemed personality unmatched in his era in terms of his virtue and character. He is amongst the narrators of Hadith and a repository of Hadith in his time. He is also amongst the grammarians of his age.

  • Qatadah, leader of Makkah, Abu ‘Uzayr ibn Amir Idris ibn Mata’in ibn ‘Abdul Karim ibn ‘Isa ibn Hussain ibn Sulaiman ibn ‘Ali ibn ‘Abdullah ibn Muhammad ibn Musa ibn ‘Abdullah ibn Musa ibn ‘Abdullah ibn Hassan al Muthanna; who is the grandfather of the Banu Numayy.
  • Qasim ibn Idris ibn Idris ibn ‘Abdullah ibn Hassan al Muthanna, who was the eldest son of Idris. The esteemed scholars of the Adarisah were his descendants.
  • The famous poet Qasim ibn Muhammad ibn Qasim ibn ‘Ali ibn Muhammad ibn Ahmed ibn Ibrahim (Tabataba) ibn Ismail ibn Ibrahim ibn Hassan al Muthanna.

Amongst his poems is:

وَيُضحى كَئيب البال عِندي حَزينه

حَسود مَريض القَلب يَخفي أَنينه

أَجمِّع مِن عِند الرُواة فُنونه

يَلوم عَلي إِن رُحت في العلم راغِباً

وَاِحفَظ مِما أَستَفيد عُيونه

وَأَعرف أَبكار الكَلام وَعَونه

وَيُحسن بِالجَهل الذَميم ظُنونه

وَيَزعم إِن العلم لا يَجلب الغِنى

فَقيمة كُل الناس مِما يحسِنونه

فَيا لائِمي دَعني أُغالي بِقيمَة

He is a jealous person who conceals his groaning, and he always becomes restless and grieved.

He reproaches me when I passionately go to seek knowledge, to gather its various sciences from the transmitters.

And when I go to learn the newly developed styles of speech and when I memorise from what I assimilate…

He claims that knowledge cannot draw affluence and goes on to entertain good assumptions regarding ignorance.

So, O my reproacher, leave me to become valuable, for the value of each person lies in what he does best.

  • ‘Abdul Qadir ibn Abi Salih ‘Abdullah ibn Jili Dost. Some trace his lineage back to Musa ibn ‘Abdullah ibn Hassan[4]. This is the famous ascetic, devout worshipper, Faqih, Sheikh ‘Abdul Qadir al Jilani al Hambali rahimahu Llah.
  • It is mentioned in Tahdhib al Tahdhib (9/26) that al Hakim has reported in the chapter of Manaqib from Abu Bakr ibn Khuzaimah—Yunus ibn ‘Abdul A’la would say, “Imam al Shafi’i’s mother was Fatimah bint ‘Abdullah ibn Hassan al Muthanna ibn Hassan ibn Ali ibn Abi Talib.”


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[1] The descendants of Abu Talib.

[2] Qaba’: A type of robe worn on top of ones shirt or clothes.

[3] Farajiyyah: A long robe with broad sleeves, would often be worn by scholars.

[4] Tarikh al Islam, biography of ‘Abdul Qadir al Jilani rahimahu Llah. There is a difference of opinion regarding his ancestry from the Ahlul Bayt radiya Llahu ‘anhum.