Kitab al-Firdows

Tafsir Ma`alim al-Tanzil
October 1, 2015
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October 1, 2015

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Kitab al Firdaws


The author is Abu Shuja’ Sherawayh ibn Shahradar ibn Sherawayh al Daylami al Hamadhani (d. 509 A.H).

The author of ‘Abaqat states on pg. 250 (vol. 1): “The narration of Zaid ibn Arqam appears in the book Firdaws al Akhbar of al Daylami.”


انى تارك فيكم الثقلين كتاب الله فيكم منه حبل من اتبعه كان على الهدى ومن ترك كان على الضلالة  و اهل بيتى اذكركم الله فى اهل بيتى لن يتفرقا حتى يردا على الحوض يعنى الاخذ بهما ثقيل

Indeed I am leaving amongst you al Thaqalayn, the Book of Allah—which is a rope amongst you has been extended from Him. Whoever follows it will be guided and whoever neglects it will be misguided, and my Ahlul Bayt. I remind you to fear Allah regarding my Ahlul Bayt. They will never separate until they meet me at the pond (i.e. holding onto them will be difficult).


Firstly, the isnad of this narration has not been presented from Firdaws al Akhbar, by means of which we could have gauged the authenticity thereof.

Secondly, the ‘ulama’ have criticised the narrations of Firdaws al Akhbar. Therefore, they cannot be accepted without scrutinising their authenticity. Shah ‘Abdul ‘Aziz states whilst discussing al Daylami in Bustan al Muhaddithin:

Al Daylami lacks the required level of knowledge. He does not differentiate between sahih and unreliable ahadith. That is why his book, Firdaws al Akhbar, contains heaps of baseless and fabricated narrations.[1]


Anyway, how can we accept this narration without any research?

Further, Ibn Taymiyyah describes Firdaws al Akhbar of al Daylami in the following manner:


ان كتاب الفردوس فيه من الاحاديث الموضوعات ما شاء الله و مصنفه شيرويه بن شهربارالديلمى وان كان من طلبة الحديث ورواته فان هذا الاحاديث التى جمعها و حذف اسانيدها نقلها من غير اعتبار بصحيحها و موضوعها فلهذا كان فيه من الموضوعات احاديث كثيرة جدا

The book al Firdaws, contains a significant amount of fabricated narrations. The author of the book, Sherawayh ibn Shahradar al Daylami, despite being a scholar and narrator of hadith did not consider the authenticity of the narration when gathering them and omitting their asanid. It is for this reason that his book contains a great number of fabricated narrations.[2]


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[1]Bustan al Muhaddithin – mention of Daylami pg. 62

[2]Minhaj al Sunnah vol. 3 pg. 17

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