This Son of mine is an Imam

Inquire about your faith, until they say, “(You are) insane.”
November 17, 2017
Abu Bakr and ‘Umar are the best of the inhabitants of the Earth and Heavens
November 17, 2017

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This Son of mine is an Imam


ابني هذا امام ابن امام و اخو امام ابو ائمة تسعة وتاسعهم قائمهم

وفي رواية: الائمة اثنا عشر تاسعهم القائمهم…

This son of mine is an Imam, a son of an Imam, brother of an Imam, father of nine Imams ,the ninth of them is al Qa’im (the Mahdi).

In another narration, “The Imams are twelve, their ninth will be al Qa’im.


There is Inqita’ (a missing link) in this Shia narration between Aban ibn Taghlib and Sulaim ibn Qais. Then too, this hadith is of no consequence to us as it is not found in any of the reliable hadith collections. Ibn Taymiyyah writes:


This (hadith) is a canard; from all the sects within Shi’ism, only one sect has transmitted it, namely, the Twelver Shia (Ithna Ashariyyah)—who are one of the seventy odd sects within Shi’ism. All the other sects within Shi’ism, including the Zaidiyyah[1]—who are relatively the least biased and knowledgeable—and the Ismailiyyah[2] unanimously reject this hadith.[3]


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[1] The Zaidiyyah is an early sect which emerged in the eighth century out of Shi’ism. Named after Zaid ibn ‘Ali, the grandson of Hussain ibn ‘Ali radiya Llahu ‘anhuma. They make up about 35-40% of Muslims in Yemen. [translator’s note]

[2] The ‘Ismailiyyah’ is a sect within Shi’ism. They get their name from their acceptance of Ismail ibn Jafar as the appointed spiritual successor (Imam) to Jafar al Sadiq, wherein they differ from the Twelvers, who accept Musa al Kazim, younger brother of Ismail, as the true Imam. [translator’s note]

[3] Minhaj al Sunnah v. 8 p. 247

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