The Phobia of the Community

The link Between the Mourning Processions and the Parasites
April 15, 2021
Between Imam ‘Ali ‘alayh al Salam and ‘Amr ibn Hind
April 15, 2021

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The Phobia of the Community


I was once speaking with one of my female relatives and the conversation went in the direction of the Ta’ziyah processions, when she blurted out that she was not comfortable with them.

So, I asked her, “Why do you go then?”

She dolefully responded, “If I do not go then everyone will criticize me, and cause me harm in one way or another. They will break ties with me and I will be forced to live as an outcast.”

The gatherings of mourning are social rituals, they are habits and customs. Whoever does not adhere to them will be ostracized from the society and made an outcast. They will be the object of gossip regardless of whether they frequent the masjid or observe the night prayer.

I know dozens of people who frequent the Hussainiyyah gatherings, whereas they neither pray nor fast! In fact, there are some who engage in promiscuity and grave sins, but when the days of ‘Ashura’ commence, they avoid these vices until the first ten days of Muharram pass. Once they have passed, they leave no stone unturned in engaging in every depravity year round, even during Ramadan! They fear being a cause of discomfort to Imam Hussain ‘alayh al Salam if they were to sin during the days of ‘Ashura’!

They fear being a cause of discomfort to Imam Hussain ‘alayh al Salam by staying absent from the processions of mourning! What a paradox: they fear being a cause of discomfort to Imam Hussain ‘alayh al Salam yet they do not fear that the Lord of Hussain will transmute them into another creature (out of their disobedience)!

It is farcical that society would honour these bizarre types yet hegemonize those who call for a return to what the Ahlul Bayt stood for, and call for the abandonment of extremism and superstitions.

The overwhelming majority of society continue to adopt a mindset that mirrors the mindset of Jahiliyyah; a mindset that abhors constructive dialogue, almost as if it was controlled by dark forces. They engage in a type of ideological terrorism on anyone who holds opinions, a divergent view, and on anyone who allows himself to think independently.

Despite this gloomy backdrop, a glimmer of hope remains as I have met many people who disapprove of this autocratic methodology which is foreign to the actual school of Ahlul Bayt. I am still optimistic that I will soon see a return to the original way and it will not be very long before this movement of revival will gain traction, if Allah so wills.

So, it is now upon you; you who read my words and are convinced by my ideas. This is a call to action for you to play your role in conveying this truth and goodness to the children of our society who have either been heedless or have been made heedless of these realities.


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