The End of the Debate

The Children of the Imams in the Darknesses of Oblivion
April 16, 2021
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April 20, 2021

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The End of the Debate


He concluded the debate with me by saying, “You have an incorrect mindset and misguided beliefs.”

At that moment, I recalled an article titled, Why Do They Not search for Truth? The author writes there:

The human self does not like to hear anything which contradicts its own opinions. This gives it the illusion of security. When thoughts and questions come that contradict its convictions, it rejects them, attempting to avoid thinking about them as a self-defence mechanism. For this reason, you do not find them reading anything other than what reinforces their own convictions, it gives them a sense of self-assurance. If they could overcome this perception for a few minutes, they would recognize the truth and follow it. After all, to confront pain once is better than living with it for the remainder of one’s life, and spending eternity in punishment after death.

That is intellectual apathy; where a person senses a doubt in themselves regarding a certain issue, yet despite that they will not research it. However, what made me laugh was his statement to me, “You have an incorrect mindset and misguided beliefs.”

My respected friend, for whom I bear nothing but respect and honour, what is sought from me for me to be of sound ideology and mindset?

Am I expected to do Takfir of the Prophet’s salla Llahu ‘alayhi wa sallam Sahabah in order for me to hold a sound disposition? Do I need to call on someone besides Allah for me to hold sound beliefs?

Do I have to believe that all of the Imams know the Unseen and that they grant sustenance, so I may pray to them and abandon praying to their Lord?

Is it imperative that I declare anyone Kafir for me to be considered a Muslim?

Did the Imams raise the flag of Takfir and say, “Whoever does not consider the Sahabah to be disbelievers is not from our sect, and not from our Shia”?

Is it out of veneration and love of Imam ‘Ali ‘alayh al Salam that I believe that ‘Umar slapped Al Zahra’ ‘alayha al Salam whilst he, the Imam, simply watched?

What irritates you about my disposition? What concerns you about my beliefs?

Or is it that what really irritates you is the fact that the greatness the Prophet’s salla Llahu ‘alayhi wa sallam personality had a profound influence on all such that they adopted some of his radiance and subsequently became great figures?

I am very sorry my friend, I do not want to bear the sin of cursing or anathematizing anyone in front of Allah on the Day of Reckoning. I do not wish to pray to anyone other than Allah; I was commanded to pray to Him alone, and to forsake everyone besides Him.

Allah will ask me regarding what I did in life, and He will not ask me regarding what so-and-so did.

He will not ask me, “Is so-and-so a disbeliever or not?”

He will not ask me, “Why did you not do Takfir of so-and-so and curse him?”

He will not ask me, “Why did you pray to Me and abandon invoking the Imams?”

He will, however, take me to account for declaring a Muslim a disbeliever, and He will hold me accountable if I worship anyone other than Him. He will ask me if I invented lies about the Companions of the Messenger salla Llahu ‘alayhi wa sallam.

As for you, respected friend, then I say to you as Imam ‘Ali ‘alayh al Salam said to ‘Imran ibn Talhah ibn ‘Ubaidullah when he entered upon him:

I hope that the father of this man and I will be from those about whom Allah has said, “And we removed what was in their bosoms in terms of hatred, (such that they are) as brothers, [reclining] on couches facing one another.”[1]



[1] Surah al Hijr: 47.

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