Section Three – The Batil (False), Munkar (Unacceptable) and Mawdu’ (Fabricated) Ahadith – Hadith 1: “I am the result of my father’s, Ibrahim’s, supplication.” …

The Fortieth Narration: By Him in Whose hand is my life, the son of Maryam will soon descend among you as a just judge and a fair Imam…..
November 30, 2018
Hadith 2: We were seated in front of Nabi salla Llahu ‘alayhi wa sallam and he said: “Shall I not indicate to you such a person that, if you were to seek guidance from him, you will never go astray and you will never be destroyed?” …
December 6, 2018

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Section Three – The Batil (False), Munkar (Unacceptable) and Mawdu’ (Fabricated) Ahadith


This section comprises 217 ahadith, most of which are mawdu’ (fabricated).

They are as follows:


Hadith 1


أنا دعوة أبي إبراهيم. قلنا: يا رسول الله وكيف صرت دعوة أبيك إبراهيم؟ قال: أوحى الله تعالى  إلى إبراهيم: إِنِّي جَاعِلُكَ لِلنَّاسِ إِمَامٗاۖ  ]البقرة[124 : فاستخف إبراهيم الفرح، قال: يا رب! ومن ذريتي أئمة مثلي! فأوحى الله إليه أن: يا إبراهيم إني لا أعطيك عهد ا لا أفي لك به. قال: يا رب ما العهد الذي لا تفي لي به؟ قال: لا أعطيك لظالم من ذريتك، قال إبراهيم عندها: وَٱجۡنُبۡنِي وَبَنِيَّ أَن نَّعۡبُدَ ٱلۡأَصۡنَامَ ٣٥ رَبِّ إِنَّهُنَّ أَضۡلَلۡنَ كَثِيرٗا مِّنَ ٱلنَّاسِۖ ]إبراهيم: 35[36.

“I am the result of my father’s, Ibrahim’s, supplication.”

We said: ‘O Messenger of Allah, and how did you become the result of your father’s, Ibrahim’s, supplication?’

He said: ‘Allah subhanahu wa ta ‘ala revealed to Ibrahim: ‘[Allah] said, ‘Indeed, I will make you a leader for the people.’ (al Baqarah: 124). Happiness enveloped Ibrahim and he said: ‘My Lord, and of my descendants, leaders like me! So Allah revealed: ‘O Ibrahim, surely I would not promise you something that I would not fulfill.’ Ibrahim said: ‘My Lord, what is the promise that You would fulfill not break for me? He subhanahu wa ta ‘ala said: ‘I will not give you such a leader from your descendants who is a zalim (oppressor).’ At that moment, Ibrahim recited (the verses):  ‘…and keep me and my sons away from worshipping idols. My Lord, indeed they have led astray many among the people.’(Ibrahim 35-36).

Nabi salla Llahu ‘alayhi wa sallam said: ‘The supplication concluded with me and with ‘Ali; none of us ever prostrated to an idol and so (eventually) Allah made me a Nabi and He made ‘Ali a wasi.”


Ibn al Maghazili narrates — Abu Muhammad al Hassan ibn Ahmed ibn Musa al Ghandajani informed us — Abu al Fath Hilal ibn Muhammad al Haffar — Ismail ibn ‘Ali ibn Razin narrated to us — my father and Ishaq ibn Ibrahim narrated to me — ‘Abdul Razzaq narrated to us — my father narrated to me — from Minaʾ the mawla (client) of ‘Abdul Rahman ibn ‘Awf — from ‘Abdullah ibn Mas’ud who said: ‘The Messenger of Allah salla Llahu ‘alayhi wa sallam said…’”[1]

This hadith is munkar (unacceptable).

Minaʾ the mawla (client) of ‘Abdul Rahman ibn ‘Awf is matruk (suspected of forgery). In fact, Abu Hatim deemed him a kadhdhab (liar).

Al Dhahabi says: “Ismail ibn ‘Ali al Khuza’i is a teacher of Hilal al Haffar. Al Khatib says: ‘He is not a thiqah (reliable).’ He is suspected (of lying); he brings forth awabid (unusual reports).”[2]

Ibn Taymiyyah says: “This hadith is a fabrication and a lie according to the consensus of hadith scholars.”[3]


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[1] Ibn al Maghazili: Manaqib ‘Ali, hadith no. 322.

[2] Al Dhahabi: Mizan al I’tidal, 1/238; al Khatib: Tarikh Baghdad, 6/306.

[3] Ibn Taymiyyah: Minhaj al Sunnah al Nabawiyyah, 7/133.

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