Poetry of ‘Abdullah ibn Hassan

Wise sayings of ‘Abdullah ibn Hassan
August 5, 2019
Trials and Demise
August 5, 2019

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Poetry of ‘Abdullah ibn Hassan


Abu al ‘Abbas al Saffah replied to him when he wrote to him:

عذيري من خليلي من مراد

أريد حياته ويريد قتلي

I desire that he lives and he desires to kill me. Is there anyone who will excuse me regarding my friend from Murad.[1]


He sought to conceal the whereabouts of his sons, Muhammad and Ibrahim, who intended to overthrow him. ‘Abdullah ibn Hassan rahimahu Llah replied to him:

بمترلة النياط من الفؤاد

وكيف تريد ذاك وأنت منه

وأنت لهاشم رأس وهاد

وكيف تريد ذاك وأنت منه

وزندك حين تقدح من زنادي

وكيف تريد ذاك وأنت منه

How can you intend that when you are to him like the heart is to the bosom.

How can you intend that when you are from him, and you are a leader and a guide to the Banu Hashim

How can you intend that when you are from him, and when the fire stick with which you ignite your fire is from my fire sticks.[2]


He also wrote:

إلا وقد سامناه أخوتنا

لم يبق شيئاً يسامه أحد

الضيم أن تستباح حرمتنا

فوجدونا نخشى الذمار ونأبى

وتلك غداً أيضاً وصيتنا

بذاك أوصى من قبل والدنا

There is nothing that anyone can be afflicted with, but that our brothers have afflicted us with them.

But they found that we fear for our families and that we refuse to accept transgression and to allow our rights to be violated.

Our father advised us of this previously and this will remain our advice for tomorrow as well.[3]


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