Poem of Sayyidina Hassan ibn Thabit in praise of Sayyidah Aisha

August 13, 2021
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August 17, 2021

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Poem of Sayyidina Hassan ibn Thabit in praise of Sayyidah Aisha


The couplets of the eminent Sahabi Sayyidina Hassan ibn Thabit radiya Llahu ‘anhu:

وتصبح غرثى من لحوم الغوافل

حصان رزان ما تزن بريبة

نبي الهدى والمكرمات الفواضل

حليلة خير الناس دينا ومنصبا

كرام المساعي مجدها غير زائل

عقيلة حي من لؤي بن غالب

وطهرها من كل سوء وباطل

مهذبة قد طيب الله خيمها

فلا رفعت سوطي إلي أناملي

فإن كنت قد قلت الذي قد زعمتم

بها الدهر بل قول امرئ بي ماحل

وإن الذي قد قيل ليس بلائط

لآل نبي الله زين المحافل

فكيف وودي ما حييت ونصرتي

تقاصر عنه سورة المتطاول

له رتب عال على الناس كلهم

من المحصنات غير ذات غوائل

رأيتك وليغفر لك الله حرة

Chaste, composed, unblemished with suspicion.

You wake up hungry from the flesh of the unaware. [You do not backbite.]

The wife of the best of mankind in religion and dignity,

the Prophet of guidance and outstanding noble characteristics.

The spouse of a man from the progeny of Lu’ayy ibn Ghalib.

Honourable efforts, her magnificence is everlasting.

Cultured, Allah has perfumed her pavilions [origins],

and purified it from every evil and falsehood.

If I had uttered previously what you are thinking about,

May my fingertips not raise my whip towards me. [May I perish if I get involved in the slander.]

Indeed, what was said is not attached to her,

and will never be. In fact, it is the gossip of a talebearer,

so how [can I ever slander her] whereas my love and my help, for as long as I live, [are dedicated to]

the family of the Prophet of Allah, the beauty of congregations.

He assumes lofty ranks over all of mankind.

The leap of the long-stretched falls short of it.

I have seen you—and may Allah forgive you—to be pure,

from the chaste, not from those of disaster. [1]


[1] Diwan Hassan ibn Thabit, pg. 190.

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