Fourth View

Addendum – Sayyidah Umm Kulthum’s radiya Llahu `anha Nikah
April 22, 2016
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April 22, 2016

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Fourth View


When the Shia realised that all their interpretations viz. patience, bequest, taqiyyah have failed, some of them made a new claim and rejected the consummation of the marriage. The author of Saif Sarim says:


Although in reality having sexual relations with the pure innocent girl which is the object of marriage did not take place as acknowledged by the aged man and it was certainly impossible due to her young age and this was known to Amir al Mu’minin externally and internally owing to knowledge of the internal.


The same author writes after a few pages:


If the people of iman wish to see clearly for themselves, they may read authentic books like Mawa’iz Husayniyyah Janab Ghufran Ma’ab etc., and it will be manifest that sexual relations between husband and wife never took place. No doubt, it is established through authentic narrations of the pure Ahlul Bayt that outwardly Amir al Mu’minin was grieved and distressed. However, sexual relations with the innocent girl never took place. Rather, through a miracle of the kindest creator, a female Jinn in the form of the innocent girl was handed over and the innocent girl was hidden from the eyes of people until the old man lived. Detailed books have added emphasis.


Since the author of Saif Sarim gave reference to distinguished books, many have an interest to see these books and find out what subtleties and mysteries their seniors have written. Hence, I will quote their great scholars’ statements and will not leave the readers in suspense.

Qutb al Aqtab Rawindi has made a claim in Khara’ij wa Jara’ih which Molana Dildar ‘Ali Qiblah has explained in the following words in Mawa’iz Hussainiyyah:


گفت عرض نمودم بخدمت حضرت علیہ السلام کہ مخالفین بر ما حجت می آرند و میگویند کہ چرا علی دختر خودرا بہ خلیفہ ثانی پس حضرت صلوۃ اللہ علیہ تکیہ کردہ نشستہ بودند درست نشستہ فرمودند کہ آیا چنیں حرفہامی گویند بدر ستیکہ قومی چنیں زعم می کںد لا یہتدون سواء السبیل سبحان اللہ حضرت امیر را ایں قدر قدرت نبود کہ حائل شود میان خلیفہ و دختر خود دروغ میگویند کہ ہر گز چنیں نبود بدر ستیکہ چوں خلیفۂ ثانی پیغام عقد را بہ حضرت امیر داد حضرت انکار نمودند پس خلیفۂ ثانی بعباس گفت کہ آکر دخت علی را بمن عقد نمی کنی سقایت و زمزم از دست تو میگیرم پس عباس بخدمت امیر آمدہ حقیقت حال را می گفت حضرت انکار نمودند چوں عباس باز الحاح نمود حضرت امیر باعجاز خود جنیہ را از اہل نجران طلبیدند و او یہودیہ بود پس او بموجب امر بصورت ام کلثوم ممثل گردید و حضرت امیر ام کلثوم را باعجاز خود از نظرہا مستور گردانیدند پس تامدت در از جنیہ پیش او ماندتا اینکہ یک روز بہ بعضے از قرائن دریافت نمود کہ زن او ام کلثوم نیست بلکہ از بنی آدم ہم نیست گفت ندیدم ام ساحر تر از بنی ہاشم کسی را و چوں خواست کہ ایں امر را اظہار نمایند خود کشتہ شد پس جنیہ بخانہ خود رفت و ام کلثوم ظاہر گردید … انتہی


I asked Imam Jafar Sadiq rahimahu Llah, “the Ahl al Sunnah use this as proof against us and question why Sayyidina ‘Ali radiya Llahu ‘anhu gave his daughter to the second khalifah?” The Imam who was reclining on a pillow sat up and said, “do people say such things? People who think such things cannot find the straight path. Did Amir not have the power to come in between the second khalifah and his daughter? Those who say this are liars. What actually transpired was that when the second khalifah sent a proposal to Amir, he flatly refused. The second khalifah threatened Sayyidina ‘Abbas radiya Llahu ‘anhu, “if ‘Ali does not marry his daughter to me, I will take away from you the service of giving water and zam zam [to the pilgrims].” Thereupon, Sayyidina ‘Abbas radiya Llahu ‘anhu came to Amir radiya Llahu ‘anhu and told him what happened but Amir radiya Llahu ‘anhu refused. Thereafter, due to the persistence of Sayyidina ‘Abbas radiya Llahu ‘anhu, Amir radiya Llahu ‘anhu — as a miracle — requested for a female Jinn, who was Jewess from the inhabitants of Najran. She took the form of Sayyidah Umm Kulthum radiya Llahu ‘anha with Amir’s radiya Llahu ‘anhu command and Amir radiya Llahu ‘anhu hid Sayyidah Umm Kulthum radiya Llahu ‘anha away from the people as a form of a miracle. Like this the Jinn stayed with the second khalifah for a long time. One day the second khalifah found out by some sign that his wife was not Umm Kulthum and was not even a human being to which he commented, “I never saw anyone practice more witchcraft than the Banu Hashim. When he intended to reveal this, he was killed. The Jewess Jinn went to her home and Sayyidah Umm Kulthum radiya Llahu ‘anha emerged.


O Shia! Clap hands at the knowledge and intelligence of Qutb al Aqtab and Dildar ‘Ali and thank them. They have solved the entire problem by one subtlety and have answered the objections of the Sunni Nawasib by one intricacy. They have rejected that Sayyidina ‘Umar radiya Llahu ‘anhu had relations with her to protect her honour and chastity and have claimed that Sayyidina Amir radiya Llahu ‘anhu performed a miracle by ordering a female Jinn to take the form of Sayyidah Umm Kulthum radiya Llahu ‘anha. In fact, all the objections of the Nawasib have been completely debunked by this explanation. Now, no one can say a word about Sayyidah Umm Kulthum’s radiya Llahu ‘anha chastity. No one can say that Sayyidina ‘Ali radiya Llahu ‘anhu was weak. No one can claim the virtue of the second khalifah and no one can point a finger at the honour and nobility of the Ahlul Bayt. However, it is worthy to ask regarding this explanation that the child begotten from this nikah — Sayyidina Zaid ibn ‘Umar radiya Llahu ‘anhu who passed away after puberty — was he from the Jinn who took her form or from Sayyidah Umm Kulthum radiya Llahu ‘anha?


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