Foreword By Molana Sayed Ahmed Shah Ajnalwi Chokerwi

An Appeal from the Author
October 1, 2015
Foreword by ‘Allamah Shams al Haq Afghani
April 1, 2019

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By Molana Sayed Ahmed Shah Ajnalwi Chokerwi

Head of department Madrasah Arabiyyah Chokirah- Sarghodah


In the name of Allah the Most Compassionate, the Most Merciful.

In every era, Allah the most High created such individuals whose entire lives were given to defending the truth and countering falsehood. They were not deterred in the least by indifferent conditions and unpleasant circumstances. This group of scholars have—along the centuries—worked with sincerity to combat falsehood. In keeping with this tradition, Molana Muhammad Nafi’ rahimahu Llah, compiled this well researched book Hadith al Thaqalayn and has thereby added one more link to this noble chain. This book will be highly appreciated by those who are habitual of getting to the bottom of subjects, whilst those who are in search of the truth will find it to be a great bounty. The compiler held on firmly to academic honesty and justice and all praise is due to Allah, the compiler did not sway towards prejudice and bigotry in any way.

After studying Hadith al Thaqalayn—it will become clear that just as the credentials of this narration are quite poor, similarly it is not linked in any way to the subject of Caliphate. This book holds a special position with regards to this subject. Every individual involved in the propagation of Islam should keep this book as part of his reading material.


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