The Allegations Made by Muhammad al-Tijani al-Samawi
December 2, 2015
Al-Tijani Rejects the Hadith: “Salah was Reduced from Fifty to Five”
December 2, 2015

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Abu Hurairah radiya Llahu ‘anhu managed to escape from all of those cyclones which were made to happen around him as well as the waves of treachery which kept on reaching his feet. He defied all of that and earned the respect, love, and honour of the majority, who understood the great position held by him. The deviant attacks had no option but to silently withdraw in utter disgrace and humiliation.

This is what Allah has given me the ability to pen down. I ask him to make it a beneficial act. All praise is due to Allah who guided us. If Allah did not guide us, we would have never found guidance. May the mercy and salutations of Allah pour down upon the best of humans, his pure and untainted family, and his noble and righteous Sahabah.

Below are a few poems regarding Abu Hurairah radiya Llahu ‘anhu:


My Master, Abu Hurairah by Walid al A’zami


وعشـت سـعـيداً بـقرب النــبي

حـبّــاك  النـــبي  بـألـطـــــــــفـه

وروّاك مــــن فـيـضه الأعذاب

هــــداك إلــى صـالـحات الأمور

ويـحنـو علــيك حــنو  الأب

وكـنت أثـيراً لــــــدى المصـطفى

فـلـــم تتــــأول ولــم تكذب

وأنــــت الــــوفي لـهــــدى النبي

(صحيح ) العبــــارة والمطلب

وعـيـت ( الحديــث)  وأدّيتـــــه

وحــدثـت بالكـلِم  الطـيــب

حـفظــــت لنـــا سـنـة المصطفى

مـــن المشــرقـين إلى المـغـرب

يــسير علـى هـديـك المـؤمنـــون

إلى المنـهـج الأصدق الأصوب

ويقبـس مـــن نـورك السالــكون

وصـدق المـقـــــال بـعـزم أبي

يـحيّـون فـيك ثـبـات الـرجـــال

فـلـم يـتردد ولـــــم يـــرتـب

فـاللـــه صـدرك مـــن حـافــــظ

يســـح على الخلــق بالصيـــب

وخـازن علــم كمثـل السحــاب

خبيـــث اللســان حقـود غــبي

فمــاذا يضــــيرك مــن حـاســـد

و (باطنـــه) أســــود عقربـــي

تســتر مــن ظـاهر ( بالبحوث )

ولـــؤم (صليبيـــة) الأجنــــبي

كغدر (اليهود ) وخبث (المجوس)

مـن (الخيبــيريين) في (مــأرب)

يـردد مـا قالــــه ( أســـــــياده )

فتـهـــرب منــه إلى الغيهــــب

خفافيـــش ليست تطيــق الضيـاء إلى الغيهــــب

فتمضي ( تنقنق) في الطحلــب

تعــاف الضفــادع صفـو الغديـر


The Prophet salla Llahu ‘alayhi wa sallam favoured you with his benevolence, and you lived a fortunate life, being close to the Prophet salla Llahu ‘alayhi wa sallam.

He guided you towards meritorious acts, and he quenched your thirst from his pleasant stream.

You were preferred by the Chosen One, and he would bless you with fatherly compassion.

You were the one who was loyal to the guidance of the Prophet salla Llahu ‘alayhi wa sallam, neither misinterpreting them nor lying about them.

You preserved the ahadith and transmitted them, in their most pristine and accurate form.

You have preserved for us the Sunnah of the chosen one, and you have uttered the best of speech.

The believers, from east to west, all follow your mannerisms.

Those seeking the absolute truth and the correct path keep drawing from your illumination.

They discover, in the form of your personality, men of steadfastness and honesty.

Allah made you the fore-runner among those who memorised, and did not hesitate or doubt thereafter.

And a treasurer of knowledge who is like the clouds, constantly showering beneficial rain upon the creation.

How can you be harmed by any dim-witted foul mouthed and jealous bigot?

He hides behind an image of scholarship, whereas he is in reality a black scorpion.

Imitating the Jews in their deception, the Zoroastrians in their filth, and the worshippers of the cross in their wickedness.

Repeating the nonsense of his masters, the journalists, and thereby acceding to their whims.

Like a bat, which rushes towards darkness as it cannot stand light, and a frog which cannot take the purity of a well, so it gets into a water moss and begins to rant.[1]


To a Sahabi by Mahmud Dalali Al Jafar al Hadithi


ومـن عـذوبه ذاك النبـع مغــترف

من أجل بعث الهدى الإسلام معتكف

وهمــه بجــلال الوحـــي تتّصــفُ

قلــب عظيــم وحــسٌ ثاقــب يقــظٌ

جب الشريعة في أسـرارهـا كّلـِفُ

( أبـو هريـرة ) هـذا مـن عـرف بــه

وراح مــن نبـعه الروحيّ يـرتشـف

تتّبـع الهــدى في شـوقٍ وفي لـهـــفٍ

وذاك ســرّ بـــه الأرواح تـأتلــف

والقلـب يلــزم مــن يهـوي فـيـتبعـه

فـسعيــه دون ريـــب كلّه شــرف

ومـن سعى خلف ( طه ) في مسيرته

وقد يضيق بذاك الفضل مـن يـصف

رعـــى الرســـالة في صبر وفي جـلـد

مـا غــرَّه طمـــع فيهــــا ولا تــــرف

وســار يـزهـد في الدنــيا وبهــجـتـها

ركـب الحياة، وما في الركـب مختـلف

مــن النجــوم الـــتي شعّــت مــــنوّرة

ولـن تـرى (حاقدا) للفضـل يعــــترف

أعمـــالـــــه لأولى الألبـــاب بينـــــة

ومنـه نالــوا ثـمـار العلــم واقتطفـــوا

إني لأعجـب مـن (قـوم ) بـه طعنــوا

روح الـريــاء وفي الأهـواء منـجــرف

مـا نـال منــه سـوى المأجــور تدفعــه

أخـو (يهـود ) ومـن للذنـب مقـترف

يكفـي (الصحابـي ) هـذا ما رمـاه به

وعنه جـاءت الأخـبار والصحف

وفي ( يهـودا ) نوايا السـوء باقيــة

وذاك في طبعهـــم أصــل بــه عـرفــــــوا

تســتروا بخبيــث الفكـر مــن قــــدم

وســـر ( دعوتهم ) للـــناس منكشـــف

جاءوا يعــــدون للإســـلام عدتهـــم

وينتهـي (حاقــد ) بالمـكـــر ملتـحــــف

والهـادمـــون ستفنيهـــــم مسيرتــــنا

كـف ( الأجير ) فـما ينجــو بها السلف

شــر السياســــة أفكــــار تحركـــهـا

نهـده ، وعــدانـا خـلفنـا تـقـــف

واضيعـــة المجــــد مـا زلنـا بمعــــولنـا


As a result of the guidance of Islam being sent, he held onto it, and he took a dive into that sweet stream.

A great heart accompanied by alert and vigilant senses, with his only concern being that he should adopt that which appeared in the magnificent revelation.

As he moves, the splendour of this din covers him, raises him, possesses him, revives him and protects him.

Abu Hurairah, he is the one who is known for delving into the deep intricacies and secrets of the shari’ah.

He followed the shari’ah when it suited him and when it went against him, drinking from its spiritual stream.

The heart is attached to those who incline towards him and follow him, this is a secret which the souls have become accustomed to.

Whoever walks in the footsteps of Taha (Muhammad salla Llahu ‘alayhi wa sallam), undoubtedly each step of his will be honourable.

He fulfilled the role of being the Messenger with perseverance, tolerating beatings, this merit alone exhausts the one who wishes to praise him.

He passed through, shunning the world and its adornment, never being deceived by its greed or its luxuries.

He was from the stars who lit up (the pathway) for the travellers, a fact that all of them have agreed upon.

His actions stand as proof for the intelligent, as for the jealous, he never acknowledges any virtue.

I am bewildered by a nation who criticises him, yet they found no source to their knowledge besides him.

None have condemned him except sell-outs who were motivated by the winds of ostentation, which then eroded their intellect.

The accusations of the brother of the Jews, and the one who delves into sin are sufficient for (the elevation of) this Sahabi.

The Jews still have many more evil intentions, the narrations and scriptures have informed us of this.

They have a long history of operating behind evil agenda. That is part of their nature and in this way, they have been recognised.

They made preparations to (destroy) Islam, but the secret of their call has become known to people.

Our activities will soon eliminate the ones who wish to destroy (Islam), and the bigot will be enveloped in his evil plans.

It is the worst of politics, and it is spread by the hand of a sell-out. It does not even spare the pious predecessors.

He is of low status. We have been guiding him with our stick, but others have stood behind us.[2]


Abu Hurairah-A History and a (cause of) Pride by Ustadh ‘Abdul Jalil Rashid


وأقبس الـهدى من تـاريـخك العطــر

أشدو بذكرك شدو الطـير في الســحر

معــاً لمــاً في طريـق الـوعـي والفــكر

وأذكر الصـفحـات الغرّ أنشرهـا

فـكم تـملّيت مــنها روعــة الصــور

فتــردهــي صـور راقــت ملامــحهـا

فقـلت يـا تفـس هـذا موطــن العـبر

حـدثت نفسـي عنـها-وهي معـجبـة

تطوي الفـجاج وتـعلــو ذروة الظـفر

وعــن جهــاد عـلـت رايــات موكــبه

وعـن صـحائــف فــيها أروع السير

وعـن بلاء الألى ضـحّوا ومــا بـخلـوا

بالمكرمات فـلا تـذكر شـذى الزهـر

أفــدي بنـفسـي تاريـخـاً لهــم عبــقا

تـصغـي وتحـفـظ في وعي وفي حذر

وأنت– يا سيدي- قد ظَلْتَ معـتكـفاً

فـنعم مـا حــزتــه من رائــع الأثـــر

هـذه الأحاديــث ترويــها وتجـمعــها

تـرمي حمـاه بـكيـد الـباطل الأشـــر

حـرست كـنز الهـدى مـن كـل غـائلـة

وأحـفظ القـوم من بـدو ومـن حـضر

فكـنــت أحـرص مــن أم علـى ولـــد

وكـنـت تتبعــــه في الحـــل والســفر

لازمــت بيــت رســول الله تــرقبـــه

لــه، وكــل فـعــال منــــه مـبـتـــدر

وعـيت كــل دقـــيق مــن محـادثـــــة

فـكيف تنسى وأنت الثـبت في الخبـر

دعــا لـك الله لا تنــسـى لــه خيــراً

وقد وقفــت ترد السهــم في النـــحر

ريشــت سهــــام تــــنال حـاقــــدة

تحمي حـمى سنـة المخـتار مـن ضـرر

وقفــت طــودا منيعــا في وجوههــم

فكـان سعيهـــم دومـا إلى خســر

فاستفرغوا الجهد أحقــاداً وموجـــدة

تعلـو ، وراياتهــم مطموسة الأثــر

قد غاظهـم أن يــروا رايــات سـنّتـنا

وفي سـجايـاه دومـاً سـاطـع الغــرر

أبــو هــريــرة فـــــذ في مـكـــارمـــه

وحسـبه خصلة عـطـف على الهــرر

فـذى هـريــراتـه في العـطـف شـاهـدة

فليـس يُعـرف عنـه الإفـك في الخبــر

فمن يكن في الورى في العطف مشتهراً

فـهل لـه في اغـتنــام المــال من وطــر

ومـن يكن في الورى في الزهـد مشـهراً

هل جنوا ما سوى الخذلان من ثــمر ؟

كــم لـفـقــوا ثـــم رد الله بـغـيهــم

فـلتـتـــق الله في الـعـقـــبى وتـــستتر

عــصابة قــد بـلونــا أمــرهـا عُـصــُراً

نـفـح الهـدايـــة تـيّــاه علـى العـصــــر

أبـــو هريــرة تـــاريــــخ يـضمـخـــه

ولـيــس ضــائــره إرجـــاف مستــتر

فليـــــس ضــائـــره حقـــد شـائنــــه

فلبدر أسطع ضوء في الدجى العكر

فمـا دجـى الكفـر يخفي نـور سـنّـتـنا


I sing your praises just as a bird sings before dawn, and I draw guidance from your fragrant biography.

I make mention of the glorious pages, and I spread them out simultaneously while trying to preserve and reflect.

It once again becomes images with appealing features, how enjoyable were those images!

I told myself about them, who was thereby surprised. I then said, ‘O my soul, this is a lesson!’

After a struggle, the flags of his convoy were raised. They wrapped up the valleys and reached the pinnacles of victory.

They sacrificed at the most crucial moments, without holding back, as well as the pages which held the most glorious biographies.

I sacrifice my life for a history, which gives off such a fragrance that will make you forget the fragrance of flowers.

O my master, you remained in one place, paying attention and memorising during normal as well as tense moments.

You have narrated and collected these ahadith, how wonderful are the effects of that which you have achieved.

You have guarded the treasure of ahadith from every calamity, which was formed by the evil plots of falsehood.

You were more protective than a mother over her child, and you were the one who memorised in the best manner, better than all the villagers as well as the people of the city.

You were always at the house of the Messenger salla Llahu ‘alayhi wa sallam, awaiting him, and you would follow him at home as well as when he was on a journey.

You were quick to memorise every detail of his speech as well as his actions.

He supplicated on your behalf. Do not forget his favour, how can you forget when you are the best memoriser.

Arrows were let out due to jealousy, but you repelled them and sent them back to the necks of the archers.

You stood like a protected fort in their faces, protecting the Sunnah of the choicest one from any harm.

They exerted themselves, acting upon their emotions and jealousy, but their efforts always ended in vain.

They were angered by the fact that the flags of our narrations flew high, whilst theirs were left without any trace.

Abu Hurairah was an embodiment of merit, and his temperament always beamed with light.

His kittens bear testimony to his compassion, it is sufficient a merit to take pity upon kittens.

Whoever is known among the people for being compassionate cannot be known as a fabricator of narrations as well.

The one who is known for being an ascetic, will he have any interest in stealing wealth?

How many lies did they not make up? But Allah washed away their oppression. Did they achieve anything besides disgrace?

A group whose matter we have experienced for centuries, they should fear Allah regarding the final destination and veil themselves.

Abu Hurairah is a history, which the fragrances of guidance spread across each era.

Thus, the jealousy of the bigot will not harm him, nor will the actions of the veiled one affect him.

The darkness of kufr can never dim the light of our Sunnah, as a moon only glows brighter when it is surrounded by pitch black darkness.[3]


Anwar Sahib al Mustafa by Ustadh al Haj Salih Hayawi


عـن يـزدجــر فأنـــت اليـــوم مخــــتار

لـو كنـت تـروي حـديثـاً فيه أخبــــار

عــن الحقيـقـــة حتـى إنهـــــم ثـــاروا

مـا كـان ذنبــك إذ حدثــت سائلهــم

وإن أبواً بُغضهُــم ضـاقـــت بـه النـــار

والنـــاس حبـهُــم كـفــرٌ إذا رغـبـــوا

ومـــا انتــهى واضـــع إلا لــــه عــــار

أبــا هريـرة للتــاريـخ مــــا وضـعــوا

أنّــات وهـنٍ مــن المصـدور تنـهـــار

وفي الحشــا لـوعة آب الـزمــان بهـــا

لا ليـــس تـجـدي فــانّ الحـــدّ بـتـّار

يـا صاحب المصطفى قـول وأشعــار

تـحدّثـون فمـا في القـــوم سـُمّـار

أبـاهـريــرة لو عــاد الـزمــان بـكـم

ولا يـديـنــون :إلا للـذي صــاروا

لا يـرضـون لقــولٍ لا يـوافـقـهــــم

الــدس ديـدنـهــم والـهمّ ديــــنار

مـن ذاك ( ريــّة ) أشكــال منوعــة

ضلّ الطـريق ولـم يـُسعـفه إنكــار

ومـثلـه يـــدعي عـلمـــا ومـعـرفـــة

للغـافلــــــين كــأن العــلــم أوزارُ

ألقـى الضلالــة في قــول يـنـمّـقّــــه

ومذهـب  الـقـد أنّ النــاس أحـرار

والهب  الحقــد نــاراً عـنـد حـامـلـه

صدق الحـديـث فـفي الأحشـاء أوار

لله درّ أبـيـكــم كيــف أرقّـــهـــم

وزاد  تـأويـلَـهم  في  الكفـر أشـرار

وأولـوا مـا يشـاء الحـقـد فـعلتهـــم

تـغشـى العيون فكلّت عنـك أبـصار

يـا صاحـب المصطفـىحاطتـك أنـوار

ســراً خـفيـاً ومـا حــاطـتك أســرار

مـا كـان قـولي فيكـم كاشفــاً أبــداً

في كشف زيف بإسم البحث ينـهـار

لـكنـهـا تفـئـــة حـــرّى أصــــدرها

لـ(منعـم) مــن كـرام الناس أخيــــار

فبــار ك الله سـعيـاً سـوف يـذكــره

تـدس سمــاً بسمـنٍ فهـــــو غــــــدار

قـد زين الكـذب شـيطــان كتابـتــه

ما دام للكــذب عنـد البـيـع أســعـار

لا يرعوي أن يكون الكذب مهـنـته

مـا شــاء طالبـهــا للسحـت تـــجـار

فـلـقمـــة السـحت أقــوال يـؤولهــا

طعن وضرب بأعـراض وإنـكــار

أهكـذا الـرزق في الأعراض منشــؤه


If you had to narrate a hadith which covered one of the tales of Yazdegerd, then you would have been a favoured one.

What was your sin, that when you narrated to their questioner the reality, then they went into a fit of rage?

(These) People love kufr and are inclined towards it even though they deny it. Their hatred will fill up the fire.

They could not forge a biography of Abu Hurairah, and whoever tried failed miserably.

There is an ardour of love within us, by means of it, time scolds the weakness of the feeble ones.

O Companion of the Chosen One, speeches and poems can never encapsulate your virtues, the target is far too great.

O Abu Hurairah, if time could bring you back, you would have no competitors at night from their camp.

They do not accept that which does not please them, and they do not believe in anything except that which has become…

The source of different types of objections. Deception is their modus operandi and their object is nothing but a few coins.

This has been called knowledge and recognition; they have lost the path, and denying that did not help them.

He (the critic) presented deviation in his speech, which he decorated for the unaware, as if knowledge and lies are synonyms.

Jealousy lit a fire in the heart of the one holding onto it. The belief of the codfish is that people are free (to do as they wish).

To Allah belongs the excellence of your father, true speech really melted them, and left them burning inside!

Jealousy got them to interpret in whichever way it wanted, and mischief mongers provoked them to increase the kufr therein.

O Companion of the chosen one, you were covered by illumination which weighed heavily upon the eyes, so they did not manage to glance at you.

My speech regarding you (bigots) can never reveal the hidden secrets, but you (Abu Hurairah) have nothing to hide.

They are a mere group of facts that I have put together to expose the deviation, which was displayed as research.

May Allah bless an effort which will be remembered by the best of the people who will benefit from it.

The devil beautified his writings with lies, mixing poison with fat, thus he is a fraudster.

He does not desist from exhausting his energies in lies, as long as lies can be sold.

A morsel of filth is acquired by misinterpreting sayings to the suit the whims of the one who asks for it. He is nothing but a merchant of filth.

Is this how sustenance is accrued? He dishonours by falsely accusing denying (the truth) and condemning on account of other agenda.[4]



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