Chapter One

Unsheathing the Arrowhead in Defense of Mu`awiyah ibn Abi Sufyan
January 19, 2016
Chapter Two
January 19, 2016

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Chapter One

Responding to Those Ahadith Which Have Been Quoted in Criticism of Muawiyah


The Unreliable and Fabricated Narrations That Have Been Quoted in Criticism of Muawiyah


The First Narration: If you see Muawiyah on my pulpit, kill him!          


The Second Narration: May Allah curse the rider, and the leader, and the driver.               


The Third Narration: There shall enter upon you, from this mountain pass, a man who will die upon other than my religion.


The Fourth Narration: The first to change my Sunnah is a man from Banu Umayyah.


The Fifth Narration: I have been commanded to kill those who are disloyal, those who are unjust, and those who defect.


The Sixth Narration: Indeed the killer of `Ammar and his marauder are in the fire.


The Ahadith Which are Authentic But Do Not Refer to Muawiyah:


The First Narration: The destruction of my ummah will be at the hands of youngsters from Quraysh.


The Second Narration: Hadith of Ibn `Abbas, “I was playing with children when Allah’s Messenger `salla Llahu `alayhi wa sallam happened to pass by (us)…”


The Third Narration: The Khilafah will last thirty years, and then it will become a cruel monarchy.


The Fourth Narration: Wayh `Ammar, the rebellious party will kill him, he is calling them to Paradise and they are calling him to the Fire.


The Fifth Narration: There will take charge of your affairs after me men who will introduce to you that which you disapprove…


The Sixth Narration: It is the covenant of the unlettered Prophet with me, that none shall love me except a believer and none shall hate me except a hypocrite.


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