Al-Mukhtarah of al-Diya’ al-Maqdisi

Tadhkirat al-Khawas
October 1, 2015
Usd al-Ghabah fi Ma`rifat al-Sahabah
October 1, 2015

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Al Mukhtarah of al Diya’ al Maqdisi


His full name is Diya’ al Din Abu ‘Abdullah Muhammad ibn ‘Abdul Wahid al Sa’di al Maqdisi.


اخرجه الضياء فى المختارة من طريق سلمة بن كهيل عن ابى الطفيل عن زيد بن ارقم

Al Diya’ narrated it in al Mukhtarah from Salamah ibn Kuhayl from Abu al Tufayl from Zaid ibn Arqam radiya Llahu ‘anhu.


The discussion regarding the status of Salamah ibn Kuhayl has already passed under the asanid of Mujam Kabir of al Tabarani. Therefore, the position of this narration does need to be explained. Salamah ibn Kuhayl is a Shia. Hafiz ibn Hajar establishes his loyalty to Shi’ism quite clearly. Thus, how can his narration be accepted regarding this matter? The entire discussion regarding him, with full reference to Ibn Hajar has passed under the third narration of Mujam Kabir of al Tabarani.

Note: – Al Maqdisi who passed away in the year 654 A.H. does not narrate ahadith himself. He merely quotes other Muhaddithin. The above quoted narration with an incomplete isnad was most likely taken from Mujam Kabir of al Tabarani. However, even this amount was sufficient for us to reject the isnad.


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