The Nusayris: An Extremist Shi`i sect

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December 8, 2015
Scrutiny of Shi`ah Narrators Part 1
December 9, 2015

Amongst the ghulat sects or extremists Shia sects are the Nusayri, who have attracted the most attention from contemporary writers — from both east and west — on account of them gaining political control over Syria in the early seventies and more recently on account of the war which plagues the country. The Nusayri are an extreme splinter group from the Imamiyyah Ithna Ashariyyah (Twelvers) of the Shia who hold a number of blasphemous beliefs such as the divinity of `Ali, their own form of Trinity, transmigration of souls and many other deviant beliefs foreign to the noble teachings of Islam. Their beliefs are an amalgam of idol-worship, Zoroastrian paganism, as well as Jewish and Christian doctrines. This book will assist one in understanding the origin, development, and beliefs of the Nusayris as well as a historic account of their rise to power in Syria.

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The Nusayris: Ancient Period

The Nusayris: Middle Period

The Nusayris: Under the French Mandate

The Nusayris Rise to Political Power

The Nusayris Religious System: The Concept of God

The Nusayris Religious System: The Apotheosis of Ali

The Nusayri Concept of Light: Shamsis and Qamaris

The Nusayri “Trinity: Ali, Muhammad and Salman al-Farisi

The Nusayris Religious System: The Twelve Imams

The Nusayris Religious System: Role of the Aytam and Spiritual Hierarchies

The Nusayris Religious System: Metempsychosis

The Nusayris Religious System: Initiation

The Nusayri Ceremonies: Festivals

The Nusayri Mass

The Nusayris, Sunnites, and Twelver Shiites