August 22, 2019
Introductory Points
August 22, 2019

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  • Prior to getting into the core discussions of this book, a few points will be mentioned. To explain the issue of nepotism, we will include five discussions, Allah willing. This topic will be explained in a positive light in these discussions, coupled with an effort being made to illustrate the proximity shared by the seniors of the Banu Hashim and Banu Umayyah of that era.
  • In contrast to the usual style of writing, the pattern chosen for this book was that by and large a subject or viewpoint is briefly presented to the readers prior to quoting the text of the reference. Thereafter, the original text is quoted verbatim so that the scholarly fraternity may peruse the text and attain satisfaction. This style is completely discarded in custom and the modern writers will not approve of it at all. Therefore, this was declared as an apology, so it may not be taken offensively.
  • At times, in support of an assertion, a number of references are presented. The idea behind it is to corroborate and substantiate the assertion.

Secondly, a library of books is not available to every person. The benefit of quoting from various books is that if a person has one of the books at his disposal, he may refer to it and derive satisfaction therefrom.


Now, some introductory points will be mentioned after which the original content will be presented over five discussions, with the help of Allah subhanahu wa ta ‘ala.


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