Mut`ah of the Ithna’ `Ashariyyah in light of Qur’an and Sunnah

A challenge to all Shi`i Scholars
October 29, 2015
Demise of Sayyiduna `Uthman ibn `Affan
November 23, 2015

Mut`ah is a deviant religious practice of the Shia, and is no different from modern day prostitution. Sadly the Shia have justified the performance of this atrocious act through various fabricated narrations and misinterpretations of verses of the Qur`an and ahadith. This book explains the origins of Mut`ah and the methods in which the hypocrites masked its true reality in trying to destroy the foundations of Islam.

The author has emphatically proven that the Mut`ah of the Shia was never permitted in the history of Islam nor is there any room for its permissibility under the lofty standard of social values which Islam promotes. Neither did Rasulullah salla Llahu `alayhi wa sallam, any of the Sahabah or Ahlul Bayt of Rasulullah salla Llahu `alayhi wa sallam ever indulge in this shameless act nor did they encourage it. The Muslim ummah should not be misled by the fabrications of the Shi`ah with regards to Mut`ah. This book will aid in understanding the reality of Mut`ah as well as its clear and unambiguous prohibition.


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A challenge to all Shi`i Scholars



The Noble Status of Women in Islam

Honour and Chastity in the Light of the Qur’an

Honour and Chastity in the Light of Hadith



The Impartial Opinion of the Famed Orientalist Brown

Islam Prohibited Sin in Stages

The Most Detested Sins in Islam

The Temporary Practice of the Hindus to Satisfy Their Passions

The Decision of the Danish Government

The Disastrous Results of Such Unnatural Acts

The Ploy of Permitting Mut`ah in Today’s Time



What is Mut`ah?  

With Which Women is Mut`ah Permissible?

Mut`ah is Permissible with a Hashimi Girl as Well

Mut`ah is a Part of the Essentials of Din

The Iman of the One Who Does not Perform Mut`ah is Incomplete

Specifying a Fixed Period in Mut`ah Witnesses are Not Necessary in Mut`ah             An Incident Worth Pondering Over

The Payment for Mut`ah

With How Many Women is One Allowed to Perform Mut`ah

Many Men May Perform Mut`ah With the Same Woman

Mut`ah Can be Performed With One Woman a Number of Times


Virtues of Mut`ah

An Utterly False Allegation


The Prohibition of Mut`ah in Light of the Noble Qur’an

“As properly married men”

“Not as fornicators”


The Prohibition of Mut`ah in the Light of Hadith

One Misconception


The prohibition of Mut`ah in Light of the Rulings of the `Ulamaʼ of Ahl al-Bayt

The Reality of Mut`ah in the Early Years of Islam


Proof of the Shi`ah for the Permissibility of Mut`ah

The First Proof of the Shi`ah

The Second Proof of the Shi`ah

The Third Proof of the Shi`ah

The Fourth Proof of the Shi`ah

The Fifth Proof of the Shi`ah

The Sixth Proof of the Shi`ah

The Seventh Proof of the Shi`ah

The Eighth, Ninth and Tenth Proof of the Shi`ah

The Eleventh Proof of the Shi`ah

The Twelfth Proof of the Shi`ah

The Thirteenth Proof of the Shi`ah

The Last Arrow in the Insolence of the Shi`ah



The Bestial Actions of Two Ayatollahs from Algeria who Murdered Two Sisters for Denying Mut`ah


Mut`ah in the eyes of the civilised Iranian Society

The Practice of Mut`ah Amongst Religious Groups in Iran.

Mashhad and Qum

Taking a Vow to Perform Mut`ah, in Order to Please the Almighty

The Custom of Having a Companion with you on a Journey for the

Purpose of Mut`ah

Agents of Mut`ah in Iran

Various Forms of Mut`ah Performed in Iran

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