Mayhem of the Enlightened or Mayhem of the Extremists and Scholars?

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April 15, 2021
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April 15, 2021

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Mayhem of the Enlightened or Mayhem of the Extremists and Scholars?


The academic, Hassan al Sultan wrote an article titled, “Who Will Stop the Mayhem of the Enlightened Shia?”[1]wherein he states:


Unfortunately, some of these individuals who subscribe to Shi’ism are such that the broader Shia community has experienced more harm from them than the benefit that is believed by some. This is especially true of those who adopt the approach of cursing and swearing; as if it is the best relief after the ‘dark days’ they experienced, to put it in their terms.

If we were to just take recourse back to logic and intellect, then even if there was a difference of opinion on the issue of cursing, it is not necessary to do it openly as if it is an accepted phenomenon throughout Shia history, especially in the case of Shia discourse spanning the past few decades. Swearing and cursing was not used on the pulpits in the past, in stark contrast to what we witness on our pulpits of present, from even those who are considered moderates. It has evolved into a tolerated practice. In fact, some actually encourage it.

I appeal to the Shia community from hereon that they pause for moment to reflect on the inadvertent yet gradual distortion of the school by some who identify as Shia. Through this approach of theirs, they reflect a very negative image on us, especially because some of them do not simply curse, but instead resort to squalid language which does not befit a Muslim. Worse still is when such a person occupies a position of prominence like a Khatib (orator) for example. I am absolutely certain that they will cast an extremely negative reflection of Tashayyu’, if they continue on their current course. A lifetime of cursing will neither bring any good nor will it dispel any evil.


Oftentimes when treating a specific phenomenon, we tend to look to the symptoms and ignore the underlying causes. In essence, identifying the causes and recognizing them assists greatly in solving problems. Ustadh Hassan went to great lengths in explaining the symptoms and ignored the causes. There is no doubt that his condemnation of this phenomenon would be considered an act of boldness and courage. I was impressed when he said in the beginning of his article, “I will be more clear, and whatever may be said hereon does not concern me, as I am a believer in what I say.”

The main cause of this phenomenon is the books and the tradition. The other issue is the bigoted defence of these troublemakers by the scholars and Marja’s!

For example, Hassan Shahhatah lives in Qom, and in Muharram 1423, he delivered lectures wherein he overstepped the red line with regards to the Sahabah, having used profanities against them. He continues to do so until this day via programs like Paltalk, in Shia chatrooms. The cursing and profanities continue without reproval.

In the same vein, if we were to survey the tradition, then we will find an overwhelming number of narrations from extremists that are sanctioned. The tree of “enlightenment” continues to be watered so that it may bear the bitter fruit of sedition. So, what is more deserving of censure: the “enlightened” or the narrations of the extremists and scholars?


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