Imamah results in disbelief of Khatm al Nubuwwah
April 23, 2018
May 14, 2018

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All praise is for Allah, the Exalted, the Most High, the Possessor of bounty and grace. Prayers and peace upon the Final Messenger (Muhammad salla Llahu ‘alayhi wa sallam)—a guide to the most upright practices—and upon his Family, Companions radiya Llahu ‘anhum, and the righteous who follow in his footsteps until the Day of Resurrection, for as long as birds fly and tweet on branches.

This is a new book presented by Mabarrat al ’Al wa al Ashab. Together, we critically examine what has been transmitted on the virtues of Abu al Sibtayn (the father of the two grandsons—Hassan and Hussain radiya Llahu ‘anhuma), ‘Ali ibn Abi Talib radiya Llahu ‘anhu. These noble, prophetic ahadith are found scattered in several books and writings. Mustafa Bahu, may Allah subhanahu wa ta ‘ala preserve him, has undertaken the task of gathering and examining these ahadith, all according to the principles laid down by the authorities of this noble science; the objective being to ascertain a ruling—whether sahih (authentic) or da’if (weak). This book is an abridgment of his original, more extensive work The Virtues of al Imam ‘Ali radiya Llahu ‘anhu.

It is not unknown to your honourable selves that from its very inception, Mabarrat al ’Al wa al Ashab has endeavoured to accentuate the cherished relationship between the Ahlul Bayt and the Companions radiya Llahu ‘anhum, their legacy and the positive impact they have had on the Ummah. This book of ours falls within that ambit. This is not our first effort in publishing a book for the benefit of an outside researcher which serves the objectives of the Mabbarah; rather, with the assistance of Allah subhanahu wa ta ‘ala, we continue searching for the finest writings of our fellow brethren and researchers for the sake of circulating and disseminating the world over. This is in addition to the works of the brothers at the Center for Research and Studies (Mabarrat al ’Al wa al Ashab)—which have received widespread circulation and reception. All praise and bounty is for Allah.

We ask Allah subhanahu wa ta ‘ala that He grants the writers, publishers, and the readers the ability for all forms of good. And may Allah subhanahu wa ta ‘ala also unite the Ummah of Islam in the best condition and upon the best of words (i.e. the kalimah).

Head of the Center for Research and Studies (Mabbarat al ’Al wa al Ashab)

Muhammad Salim al Khidar


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