Discussion 3: Consensus of the Ummah according to the contemporaries

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Discussion 3: Consensus of the Ummah according to the contemporaries


There is nothing new in this discussion that we can shed light on. Yes of course with the exception of them trying to fit their dogma into the consensus of the Ummah by deploying deceitful ways due to which a person who is not really aware of their reality can be easily deceived. For example Muhammad Jawwad Mughniyah says:


إجماع الصحابة بأن تتفق كلمة الأصحاب جميعا على حكم شرعي، وقد أوجب السنة والشيعة الأخذ بهذا الإجماع واعتباره أصلا من أصول الشريعة.

The consensus of the Sahabah in a manner that they all concur upon a particular Shar’i ruling is unanimously accepted by the Ahlus Sunnah and the Shia and is considered to be a principle pillar from the pillars of the Shari’ah.


He then explains that the reason why the Shia accept such a consensus as evidence is due to the Imam being present and concurring with the Sahabah.[1]

Look at this cunningness, for the outcome of his assertion is that the Shia consider the verdict of the infallible Imam to be evidence and not the consensus itself. But he has deployed this obscure way to say this in order to deceive and beguile.[2] And some people have indeed fallen for the trick.[3]


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[1] Al Shia Fi al Mizan p. 321.

[2] See what has passed under the discussion of Ijma’ – Section 1 – Chapter 3

[3] Like Muhammad al Ghazali. He cites this statement of Mughniyah and thereafter concludes that there is no difference between the Ahlus Sunnah and the Shia in the principle rulings of Shari’ah (see: Lays min al Islam p. 79-80).