Dealing with the Fabrications that Have been Invented about Mu`awiyah

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January 19, 2016
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January 20, 2016

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Chapter Three


Dealing with the Fabrications that Have been Invented about Muawiyah


From the outset, I would like to point out that the fabrications that I will address regarding Muawiyah radiya Llahu ‘anhu have been circulated by historians. Some historians, without any discretion or scruples have burdened themselves with the spread of these narrations and reports which have no historical value. In addition to this, some of these historians have agendas since they are considered Rafidah, or other brands of people of innovation, or even just narrators whose narrations deserve to be abandoned (by the standards of the scholars of hadith). Some fine specimens of these propagandists are:

  • Abu Mikhnaf, Lut ibn Yahya, a historian, corrupted, not to be relied upon[1]. He was abandoned by Abu Hatim and Ibn Ma’in[2], and al Daraqutni declared him weak.[3]
  • Nasr ibn Muzahim, the author of the book al Siffin. The opinions of the scholars of hadith regarding him have previously been quoted and it was established that he is Matruk (abandoned).
  • Muhammad ibn al Sa’ib al Kalbi, the exegete and historian, he is Matruk (abandoned) in hadith as well.[4]
  • Al Baladhuri, who is Ahmed ibn Yahya ibn Jabir ibn Dawood (d. 279 A.H), author of the book Ansab al Ashraf — He is acceptable as a narrator. However, scholars have identified many of his stories as peculiar and unverified, especially in criticism of Muawiyah radiya Llahu ‘anhu — whom he has written on extensively in terms of his biographical details — and they have objected to these narrations and reports; which he acknowledged himself. He writes in his book Ansab al Ashraf[5]:

Hisham ibn ‘Ammar said to me: “I have perused your narrations regarding Muawiyah and found most of them to be inventions.”

despite this he includes these in his book?!

  • Hisham ibn ‘Ammar (d. 245 A.H) and is a teacher al Bukhari as well as al Baladhuri.

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