Conclusion of Discussion One

A Narration of Imam al Bukhari with regards to Dismissal and Appointment
August 26, 2019
Discussion Two – Introductory Points
August 26, 2019

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Conclusion of Discussion One

From the beginning to the end of this discussion, the ‘Uthmani posts and offices and their governors and officials have been presented in detail. To tally the number of Umayyad and non-Umayyad as well as relatives and non-relatives is now an easy task for the readers. Have a deep look at the entire state of the ‘Uthmani era and determine the proportionality and balance for yourself; how many from the Banu Umayyah were appointed to posts and how many from other tribes were appointed.

Did Sayyidina ‘Uthman radiya Llahu ‘anhu observe favouritism during his Caliphate? Did he give his tribe members complete authority over the entire state?

We have, after a little effort, presented historical reports and facts with references in front of you. Now to reach a conclusion should not be difficult for the readers.


State Officials               11 (1 Umayyad)

Governors                    30 (5 Umayyads[1])


To sum it up, in such a massive and vast state, only four to five relatives were appointed as governors, some of whom were later changed according to the demand of the time; can this be called giving complete authority of the state to one family? Observe justice!

Now the second discussion will be commenced where the competence, potential, and behaviour of these individuals will be presented, coupled with their religious services, Allah willing.


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[1][1] A maximum of only 4 were appointed at a single time—over Sham, Egypt, Kufah, and Basrah—and only 3 were left as governors when ‘Uthman was murdered.

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