Answering the Baseless Shi`i Allegations Against Sayyiduna Abu Hurayrah

Amongst the many mechanisms deployed by the Shia in trying to sabotage the pure and sound hadith legacy of the Ahlus Sunnah is attacking the great personality of Abu Hurairah radiya Llahu `anhu. In doing so, they have levelled all sorts of ludicrous allegations at his personality and the traditions he reports from Rasul Allah salla Llahu `alayhi wa sallam. The author, `Abdullah ibn `Abd al-`Azīz ibn `Ali al Nasir, has very proficiently replied to all these accusations, proving them to be without any substance whatsoever. In fact, he has proven the very same narrations which the Shia condemn to have been narrated by their illustrious Imams in their canonical works — which they regard as the most authentic, and those from whom it has been narrated to be infallible. This book is an invaluable gift to the seekers of the truth.

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Chapter One

The life of Abu Hurayrah

Name and lineage

Islam and company of Rasulullah salla Llahu `alayhi wa sallam

Memorisation and strength of memory

Scholastic achievement and knowledge of Abu Hurayrah

Praise of Rasulullah salla Llahu `alayhi wa sallam, the Sahabah and Tabi`in

Sahabah who narrated from him

Tabi`in who narrated from him

The number of ahadith reported from him

The most authentic chain of narration from Abu Hurayrah

Abundant narrations and its reason

Illness and demise


Chapter two

Clearing the doubts raised by the deviants against Abu Hurayrah and his narrations

Section one

The allegations made by `Abd al-Husayn Sharf al-Din al-Musawi

Section Two

The Allegations of Mahmud Abu Rayyah

Section Three

The Allegations Made by Muhammad al-Tijani al-Samawi



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To a Sahabi by Mahmud Dalali Al Ja`far al-Hadithi

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