Abu Rayyah Rejects the Hadith, “A Child Born from an Illicit Relationship Will Not Enter Jannah”

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December 2, 2015
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December 2, 2015

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Abu Rayyah Rejects the Hadith, “A Child Born from an Illicit Relationship Will Not Enter Jannat”


Abu Rayyah says (page 140):


وروت عائشة حديثه: لا يدخل الجنة ولد الزنا فقالت: ليس عليه من وزر ابويه شيئ و قرات وَلَا تَزِرُ وَازِرَةٌ وِزْرَ اُخْرٰى

Aisha reported his hadith, “A child who was born from an illicit relationship will not enter Jannat,” and then commented: “He will not be responsible for the burden of his parents in any way.” She then recited the verse” “And no bearer of burdens will bear the burden of another.”[1]


Our comment: This hadith has been reported by those Imams who asked for your book, those who claim that they do not accept any narration unless it is reported authentically by the Ahlul Bayt from their grandfather. Al Saduq reports with his chain to Imam Jafar ibn Muhammad al Sadiq rahimahu Llah:


يقول ولد الزنا يا رب ما ذنبى فما لى فى امرى صنع؟ قال فيناديه مناد انت شر الثلاثة اذنب والدك فثبت عليهما و انت رجس ولا يدخل الجنة الا طاهر

An illegitimate child will say, “O my Rabb, what is my sin? I had no share in my matter.”

A voice will say to him, “You are the worst of the three. Your parents committed a sin and you culminated the evidence against them. You are filth, and only pure things will enter Jannat.”[2]


Al Majlisi reports from Zurarah who narrates from Imam al Baqir:


لا خير فى ولد الزنا ولا فى بشره ولا فى شهره ولا فى لحمه ولا فى دمه ولا فى شيئ منه يعنى ولد الزنا

There is no goodness in an illegitimate child. His skin, hair, flesh, blood and every other substance in him is devoid of goodness.[3]


It is also reported from Abu Khadijah who reports from Imam Jafar al Sadiq rahimahu Llah:


 لو كان احد من ولد الزنا نجا نجا سائح بنى اسرائيل فقيل له وما سائح بنى اسرائيل؟ قال كان عابدا فقيل له ان ولد الزنا لا يطيب ابدا و لا يقبل الله منه عملا قال: فخرج يسيح بين الجبال و يقول ما ذنبى؟

If any illegitimate child was successful, it was the wanderer of Banu Isra’il.

He was asked, “What is the wanderer of Banu Isra’il.”

He replied, “He was a worshipper from the Banu Isra’il. It was said to him that an illegitimate child will never prosper and Allah will not accept any action from him. Thereupon, he went out, wandering between the mountains shouting out, ‘What is my sin?’”[4]


Another narration is from Abu Bakr, who says, “We were in his presence and ‘Abdullah ibn ‘Ajlan was with us. ‘Abdullah ibn ‘Ajlan said, ‘There is a man with us who knows all of that which we know, but it is said that he is the product of an illicit relationship. What is your opinion?’ I added, “He is only accused of it.” Thereupon, he said:


ان كان ذلك كذلك بنى له بيت فى النار من صدر يرد عنه وهج جهنم و يئتى رزقه

If that is the reality, a house will be built for him at the entrance Hell, which will keep away from him the flames thereof and his sustenance will be brought to him.[5]


Ni’mat Allah al Jaza’iri in al Anwar al No’maniyyah states:


و قد نقل عن المرتضى والصدوق و ابن ادريس انه كافر نجس يدخل النار كغيره من الكفار…عن المرتضى و هذه عبارته و سئل عن ولد الزنا وما روى فيه انه فى النار و انه لا يكون من اهل الجنة فاجاب عنه ان هذه الرواية موجودة فى كتب اصحابنا…

It is reported from al Murtada, al Saduq, and Ibn Idris that he is impure and he is a disbeliever. He will enter Hell, just like other disbelievers. Al Murtada was asked regarding an illegitimate child and the narrations which state that he is destined for Hell and he will never enter Jannat. He replied, “This narration is found in the books of our scholars.”[6]


He says elsewhere:

 والحق ان الاخبار متظافرة فى الدلالة على سوء حاله و انه من اهل النار

The truth is that there are plenty narrations which indicate that his end result is evil and that he is from the people of Hell.[7]


I would like to know Abu Rayyahs view concerning these narrations of the Ahlul Bayt, “who have narrated it from their grandfather,” as well as the opinions of his scholars, which conform to the narrations.



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