Abu al-Qasim al-Kufi and Distortion of the Qur’an

Shaykh al-Mufid and the Distortion of the Qur’an
May 17, 2016
Al-Kulayni and the Distortion of the Qur’an
May 17, 2016

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Abu al Qasim al Kufi and Distortion of the Qur’an


Abu al Qasim[1] al Kufi was unable to conceal his hatred and dislike for the Sahabah, and compiled a book which he filled the heart of every Shia with malice and hatred for the Sahabah, which he named al Istighathah. This particular book represents the ideological decline within the Shia, but my intention is not to criticise this book, instead I will only quote from it that which is related to our discussion, namely the Shia and their belief in the Tahrif of the Qur’an.

Al Kufi is of the opinion that Abu Bakr al Siddiq radiya Llahu ‘anhu sent an announcer to announce that whoever has any portion of Qur’an should bring it to him, which was a trick by Abu Bakr and an excuse for not accepting the Mushaf that was documented by ‘Ali radiya Llahu ‘anhu — which according to the Shia, they did not accept because it contained their ignominies.

We find Abu al Qasim al Kufi mentioning in his book (pg. 25) while discussing Abu Bakr radiya Llahu ‘anhu:


Of his innovations is that when He wanted to document what was ready of the Qur’an, he sent an announcer in Madinah; (to call out) “whoever has a portion of the Qur’an let him bring it forth.” Then he said, “We will not accept anything unless there is two just witnesses.” He intentionally put down this condition to discredit that which was documented by Amir al Mu’minin, because at that time he had already compiled the entire Qur’an from the beginning to end, in chronological order. He refused to accept it from him out of fear that this would expose them. This is exactly why they said that they will not accept the Qur’an from anybody except with two just witnesses.


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[1]  He is Abu al Qasim al Kufi. His full name is ‘Ali ibn Ahmed ibn Musa, he claims to be from the progeny of ‘Ali radiya Llahu ‘anhu. He died in the year 352 A.H. He penned numerous books, al Najashi mentions them in his Rijal (pg. 188) as well Agha Buzurg al Tehrani in al Dhari’ah (vol. 2 pg. 28). Many Shia scholars praised him, al Tusi also mentions him in his Fahrast, where he says:

‘Ali ibn Ahmed al Kufi, his agnomen is Abu al Qasim, he was a great Shia with a correct ideology. He penned many excellent works.

Al Nuri says in the third volume (pg. 322) from the book Khatimat Mustadrak al Wasa’il:

He was a great Shia, righteous, one of the great scholars who penned very excellent books.

He then praised his book al Istighathah, saying:

The manner that this book was written is excellent in terms of its construction and its demand. It is a perfect and a most eloquent book, a book that indicates to the high status of the author. This is why many scholars depended on this book, the likes of Ibn Shahr Ashub, in his Manaqib and in his Ma’alim there is an indication towards this, as well as Sheikh Yunus al Bayyadi in the book al Sirat al Mustaqim. In fact the statement of ‘Allamah al Hilli indicates that this is a well-known book amongst the Shia.

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